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Updated October 6, 2023

picnik photo editingAlthough there are lots of softwares available for editing photos, but this one is totally different from other softwares. There is no need to download this software and install in your computer. Simply upload photos and make changes according to your need. After making changes, save your photo in your PC and that’s all.

Picnik is a very advance photo editing tool available on internet. It needs no installation, no registration and even no hassle. The only thing you need is Internet Speed. If your internet connection speed is good, then you can use all Picnik features. If your internet connection speed is slow, then it will takes time to load all its features.

Picnik Photo Editing Features

  • Fix Underexposed Photos
  • Remove Red Eye
  • Apply Effects to Photos
  • Rotate and Crop Photos
  • Resizing and Sharping
  • Custom Effects
  • Color effects and Library Features

Picnik Screen Shot

Auto Fix menu is use to fix photo to its original size, color and effects. In short it is use to restore all the setting as it was.

Rotate menu is use to rotate the angel of the photo. Left and Right buttons are use to rotate the photo to left and right sides. There is also a button available called “Flip” to rotate photo in different angels.

Crop is use to cut some portion of the photo. You can easily create avatar from any photo. Simply select the place you want to crop and click on “OK” button.

Resize menu is use to resize photo in different dimensions. Just enter the height and width for the photo and you will see the changes in front of your screen.

Exposure and Color menu is use to change the color of the photo. Add lightness and shallowness in photos and increase or decrease contrast.

All these features are available in Picnik, and you can easily edit your photos in your browser. This is a very enhanced and advance image tool. If you want to edit more then 5 photos, then you can register a free account with Picnik. The layout and designing of this website is very cool and simple. I enjoyed while editing photos. You can also try all its free features.

Picnik Online Photo Editing


  • Simple Recipes India

    Nice article by Bilal Ahmad.

  • Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks

    A really nice review on such a good tool! Looking forward to use it! Thanks for the share!

  • Black Ink Cartridge

    Wow, I don’t have to install on my computer. That always saves space. I am gonna try editing some pics and see how this works.


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