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Free Browser Alternatives For iPod and iPhone

The best thing about iphone and ipod is that it uses advance technologies to give you advance features and superb entertainment.Especially for those who are using internet on there iphones and ipod there are lots of useful features. Like previously i share a simple trick through which you can use your iPhone as wireless modem and the collection of tricks for ipod. This time i am going to share some useful and free browsers for both iPod and iPhone. These are advance free browsers and best alternatives. There are lots of more browsers available, but these 3 are the best and useful one.

iPhone and iPod Free Browsers


twitter blueberry browser

Blueberry is a iphone and ipod browser introduced by ipple. It is basically a made for twitter browser. Which allow you to search twitter, hide your web page history, twitter actions and browsing in fast speed. The best thing about blueberry is that there is no need to install different twitter applications in your iphone or ipod. You can simply install this twitter browser and it will install all necessary twitter applications for your.


mercury browser

Mercury is also developed by apple, but this time this is not just a browser for a single action like blueberry. It is a free alternative for other paid ipod or iphone, itouch browsers. The features includes; Full screen browsing, Tabs with website icon, save pages for offline reading, fast loading and signboard for bookmarking.


ipod iphoe browser

TikiSurf is one of my favorite browser, and it was my first choice during selection in some of available browsers. The features i like in TikiSurf are; there is google search bar where you can search the whole web, you can bookmark your favorite webpages, share webpages with your friends, read offline pages, copy URLs to clip board and so on.