7 Fun Photo Booth Props to Create Killer Pictures

Updated October 6, 2023

Fun Photo Booth Props

What happens when you put different combinations of your best friends and family members into a photo booth, give them goofy props and unlimited prints? Hilarious, heartwarming, silly, sweet strips of glossy evidence proving everyone had a blast at your event. Plus you’ll get a digital copy of every photo! Whether you rent or find a cheap photo booth for sale it is a must-have for parties these days. Keep reading for a list of 7 fun photo booth props to create killer pictures.

1. Back-to-Back Booth

Photo booths are a popular activity at an event which can be disappointing for some if they don’t get the chance to use it or a queue starts to form. This idea is excellent for accommodating larger events or numbers by having two booths back to back and using a double-sided backdrop to preserve space and cost.

2. Feather Boas

Are feather boas a bit cliche? Maybe. Still, you must include them if you have them because they are so much fun to use in your photo, for men, women, and kids!

3. Crowns

Everyone loves a royal wedding. But not everyone gets to attend a royal wedding. Having everything from tiaras to velvety crowns to pharaoh headdresses, making sure you and your guests get the chance to look the part of royalty. The results never disappoint. There’s just something about wearing a crown that gives people a touch of swagger that makes the resulting photos look totally rad.

4. Colorful Confetti

The quickest way to make a photo booth even more fun? Bowls of colorful confetti in the photo booth. Another thing you can do to jazz up your booth – is to put up Christmas lights around it for an extra bit of dazzle for your social media pics.

5. Sitting Sofa

Allow guests to take a load off with an informal style photo booth. The couch can accommodate several people with some standing behind for different tiers and large groups while the booth itself has a digital screen so everyone can position before it captures the image.

6. Magnifying Glass

An item that isn’t common in other photo booths… the magnifying glass! This hilarious prop can lead to so many laughs out loud hilarious photos when the magnifying glass was used. Basically, everyone just looks plain goofy with one eye or body part ridiculously magnified.

7. Backdrops

If you want to make sure your party makes everyone’s social media feed, create a photo booth backdrop that’ll give your guests a reason to grin. Create a letter balloon wall, a shimmery backdrop, a fringe backdrop or a giant letter balloon statement wall. Now that you’ve got your photo backdrop all figured out, this will help convince your camera-shy guests to get in on the photoshoot fun.

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