iPhone Vs BlackBerry: The Not So Easy Race In The Smartphone Market

Updated October 6, 2023

Smartphones have started ruling this technology bound world. A world without Smartphones is unimaginable and hard to digest. To put in simple terms, this universe has experienced a digital revolution, which is ruined by the power of Smartphones. This market is growing wider day by day. Besides plenty of active players in the Smartphone market, the two dominant affiliates are none but iPhone and BlackBerry. Are you ready to play with words? Fine then think on this statement, “Is BlackBerry for Business and iPhone for Interests?’ Are you for iPhone or BlackBerry? Gather your valid points to substantiate the Smartphone of your choice and come let’s explore.

1. Eye-catching attributes:

iPhone is known for its eye-catching attributes like the tenderizing touch screen, retina display, picture perfect clarity, motion sensibility, just a hit to exchange contact information, crystal clear pictures at a finger’s distance, a wide range of games just by sloping the iPhone, durability, spectacular apps, easy zoom in with just a slide action and an extensive mass of never-ending entertainment. Many fear to drop the iPhone more than once as they fear that it would cause considerable damage to the phone’s display, mainly because of its smooth feel and the touch screen display. Where as BlackBerry is known for its durability and strength, as it is specially designed for travel and business. It has been proved that BlackBerry has been firm, gets less number of cracks and it does not get damaged to a great extent like the meek iPhone. When compared to the other startling attributes of iPhone, BlackBerry runs down the competition as it is always hard to compete with the outstanding pioneer.

2. Exceptional applications:

No one can beat the Apple’s iPhone, when it comes to applications. Most of the apps in the App Store are mind-blowing and makes your life much simpler than it is. You can get millions of things done, just from the comfort of your cushion chair. Yet another welcoming fact is that Apple encourages everyone to develop your own apps. Interesting and motivating right! All these encouraging ideas contribute to the highly populated App Store. Many techies are impressed by the app selection offered by BlackBerry but still Apple’s iPhone makes a clean sweep without giving any second chance to other players in the Smartphone market.

3. Elegant business functions:

B2B is the term used in the Smartphone world to exclaim the significance of BlackBerry for Business purposes. It has an in-built security server, which facilitates 100% safety and security for the information you access and transfer. BlackBerry is charged up with faster connectivity to Microsoft Exchange Server, advanced Office applications, comfort of mobile e-mail and instant transmission of highly sensitive and surreptitious facts and figures. Even the top ranking companies rely on BlackBerry for their operations. Systematic Government Organizations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, the United States along with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have approved the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for accumulating and transferring sensitive data.

The iPhone indeed has a good storage capacity, enhanced RAM and a comparatively faster CPU. All these features support the activity of gaming very well. There are plenty of chances for a person to get deviated with an iPhone and its astonishing gaming environment. iPhone has also come up with many advantages for business use but the fear of security aids BlackBerry to stay ahead of iPhone when it comes to trade and business.

4. Excellent gaming elements:

No doubt that iPhone is the market leader always, when the ‘Competing Component’ is ‘Games’. You’ll enter into a completely different world with the miraculous Gaming apps in your iPhone. Be it action-oriented, fun-loving, humorous, adventurous, simple games, multiplayer games or brain twisters, iPhone will give you the best user experience which no other Smartphone can render.  It can keep you occupied always as you may never get bored trying the fabulous games one by one everyday.

5. Explore your personal comfort:

You can explore your personal ease and comfort with an incredible iPhone and its concrete performance. The extensive range of applications, far-reaching choice of games, meritorious apps, user-friendly attributes, innovative technology, brilliant graphical interface and much more make an iPhone close to your heart and an inevitable member of your family. It becomes a part and parcel of your life and a good support at all the important occasions. BlackBerry is also loved for personal use, especially for its security but not to that extent of an iPhone.

All of us can accept that it is a not so easy race between the iPhone and BlackBerry in the Smartphone track. Even if you are a Business Wizard owning a creamy BlackBerry phone, you’d always love to have an iPhone today, as if the world is about to end tomorrow. That is the catch and the influence that iPhone has created in each one of us.

Author:- Alfred is a Technical Lead at Dot Com Infoway, a Software development, Internet Marketing, Web development and Mobile App Marketing Company including many app developers. He has an extensive background as a tech blog writer.

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