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From Pagers to Smartphones: The History of the Blackberry


What makes the Blackberry line of smartphones stand out among the others? Perhaps it is the QWERTY keyboard equipped in almost every Blackberry model. It could also be the services and other features the phones provide to the users. Or [...]

The Wild Berry Versus the Sinful Apple


It is the worst dilemma you will ever submit yourself to. Imagine you have been given a chance to choose the smartphone you want to bring home, but you are only asked to choose between an Apple iPhone and RIM’s [...]

iPhone Vs BlackBerry: The Not So Easy Race In The Smartphone Market


Smartphones have started ruling this technology bound world. A world without Smartphones is unimaginable and hard to digest. To put in simple terms, this universe has experienced a digital revolution, which is ruined by the power of Smartphones. This market [...]

How to Secure Your BlackBerry Phone?


In the line of smart phones and mobile e-mail devices, BlackBerry is a commanding name accounting for about 15% of Smartphone sales round the globe. The primary feature of BlackBerry phones is the ability to access internet e-mails from mobile [...]