8 Cool Apps You Did Not Know About In the Medical Industry

Updated October 6, 2023

Medical Apps

Maintaining your health can be challenging and requires hard work. With the rising level of obesity and other diseases, keeping good health need advanced technologies. Currently, many people spend time on smartphones playing addictive games and watching videos that may pose negative health issues. However, the smartphone can be the best medical accessory that has the right intrigue with the best set of mobile applications.  There are free and medical applications that enable you to understand various medicines diagnose the symptoms and prepare you for any medical emergency. Diagnosis is also available virtually but if the app has complied to all rules and regulations guiding the online healthcare applications. Below are different medical apps that you may not be aware:

1:- DoctorOnDemand

Doctor On Demand is a premium medical applications that let you see a health consultant for video consultations. The doctor will answer all your questions and give you medical prescriptions. The app has certified physicians that can treat non-medical health issues such as back pain, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, heartburn, cold and flu signs and other health issues. The rates for video consultations range from $25 to $50 per minute session. Doctor on Demand has approximately 1400 licensed physicians.

2:- LiveHealthOnline

LiveHealthOnline is a telemedicine premium service that allows you to see a physician via video call and even get medical prescription depending on the virtual visit. The advantage of using this app is that it accepts insurance plans. It acts similar way as if you visit the doctor`s office. While creating the account, you will be able to know if the insurance plans are accepted or not. Each session consultation has a flat rate of $49 if there is no insurance coverage. It is available on the website, Android, and iOS.

3:- PingMD

PingMD is a secure application for physicians to connect with other doctors. It is also free for patients. Patients can only use the app after the doctors have already used the accounts and recommend them to it. If the doctor suggests this app to a patient, he may apply to follow the symptoms progression, ask for follow-up questions from the last procedure or visit. They can also recommend it for disease management. It is a friendly app that allows you to communicate with a physician the same you are chatting with colleague or friends through image sharing text messaging or asynchronous messaging. Doctors also use this app to seek advice from doctors. It is also available on all smartphone devices.

4:- Case

It is a medical journal application for healthcare researchers and doctors. Machine learning algorithms engineer it. It is available in both iOS and Android versions. The app makes it easy to read medical articles on the phone. It allows you to subscribe to a set of journals. The advantage of the case is that you can follow up to 100 000 keywords. For instance, if you are an oncologist, you do not have to follow all set of journals. It is available in Android and iOSversions.

5:- UpToDate

If you are studying medicine, interested in health news or working as a medical professional, UpToDate is an essential application in keeping track of health advancements and news. On What`s New section, you can look for particular topics. It has articles and gives videos on various medical procedures. It enables you to bookmark or share a page. You can also begin a conversation or save the bookmarks for the later date. It is also available for both iOS and Android.

6:- Red Cross First Aid

Accidents sometimes happen. Many people do not know what to do when it occurs. Red Cross First Aid offers the instructions guide every day to help in first aid circumstances. The instructions involve how to handle broken bones and asthma attacks and procedures for using first aid kits such as medical tapes. It also provides you with informative quizzes as well as safety tips regarding natural disasters such as floods. It provides all the content in advance so that you will never worry any the cellular service. It is available in Android and iOS.

7:- Mychart

It is a medical app that allows you to access all the healthcare records on your device at any time. You check all the vaccinations that you had before or the last time you visited a doctor. You can also check all the medical prescriptions that you took, or what you are currently taking. You can also send the messages that are non-urgent to the clinic and receive feedback after a few days — the app allows you to schedule an appointment and request medical prescriptions. The best of all about these medical applications is that you can access all the information offline if you are in places that are not accessible to the internet. The app is available in any smartphone device.

8:- Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault is free online telemedicine where you can stay updated in all your medical records and share the information with medical professionals. The mobile application has been available for some time, but many people are not yet aware. It allows you to share all your medical records to healthcare professions you trust. It is suitable for people with chronic conditions that require tracking all the health metrics such as oxygen saturation, glucose levels, and blood pressure. The app allows you to put data manually or automatically by connecting it with a list of medical trackers such as Wi-Fi bathroom scales, fitness trackers and other tools. It is a quite vital resource for many families and individuals. It is available in Android and iOS devices.

With current technology, medical care has been made accessible, and you can see a doctor immediately in any circumstance without physically available. Telehealth and telemedicine apps are making medical care less costly, convenient and above all preventative. The real advantage of the above apps is that they are all creating a competitive healthcare marketplace for wellness services. The high competition means low costs and excellent results. Telemedicine, for instance, lowers price through preventative care by decreasing the consumption of fuels and time for access become less than other health resources. These apps are true revolutionizing medical industry.

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