How Wrike’s Chrome Extension Integrates with Web Tools

Updated October 6, 2023

Wrike Google Chrome Extention

More than 15,000 companies use Wrike to increase productivity and business performance. The cloud-based tool allows them to easily organize and manage data, and to collaborate and cooperate in new ways.

Wrike has just launched a new Chrome Extension, which will further boost performance by allowing users to link to the webtool, making communication easier. With this feature, sending information online and keeping track of progress is straightforward.

The Wrike Chrome Extension allows users to create tasks from any webpage. All they need to do is click on the extension and send the page to their teams. Next, everyone receives notifications of the tasks assigned to them. Monitoring progress becomes easy.

No need for constant progress meetings, too: the extension automatically updates users on project progress. It’s easy to specify a due date, if needed, or mark tasks as not complete if a deadline is missed. This Wrike update is a time-saver for busy teams.

Why Wrike Captures Inspiration for Creatives

Many creative teams find inspiration on the internet. Pinterest, for example, allows users to share pins and create moodboards with ease. Wrike’s new feature provides a similar functionality. But here, users don’t need to share pins separately. Creating a Wrike task from a chosen webpage means everything is in one place. Teams can discuss entire sites and then make suggestions and edits. It’s like instant messaging, but better.

Here’s How Wrike Makes Sales Easy

The Chrome Extension makes it easier for sales teams to find prospects online. How? All the information they need is in one place, and is easily shared. They can also see the progress that has been made on a specific prospect. This means it’s easy to see the whole picture without having to open a CRM system.

Recruiters Use Wrike to Find Prospects Easily

Recruiters can find it hard to keep up to date with prospective candidates’ hiring status. Many find themselves looking at scores of tabs on a computer screen. Especially when they’re looking to fill several positions at once.

The Wrike Chrome Extension makes it easy for them to track who’s who. All they have to do is  create a task right from the candidate’s LinkedIn page, enter the with the position they are being considered for, and hit save. The next time the recruiter opens the page, Wrike will give them all the information they need – including the candidate’s hiring status.

Developers Easily Identify Page Issues with Wrike

Sometimes, knowing what needs to be done isn’t easy for developers. Wrike records all tasks that need to be completed on one page. So the next time they opens the same page, they will know what issues need to be tackled and what issues have been resolved.

Wrike Gives Customers Real-Time Updates

Customer service employees know that dealing with pending tickets can be tough. Wrike helps them increase efficiency: They can input pending tickets on the extension and coordinate with teams to get work done. Once the job is complete, Wrike will automatically send updates. No one has to wait for reports.

The Verdict

The new Wrike extension makes it easier for teams to oversee everything. Anyone who uses Google Chrome for day-to-day tasks should use it. This two-way platform means teams can assign tasks relating to any website and send information to different teams, so they can get started fast. It also allows teams to track progress and to discuss projects as they go.

Think of the Chrome Extension for Wrike as not only a sophisticated version of instant messaging, but a virtual-to-do list, notepad, and notification bar. It’s everything in one.

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