5 Best Tools to Optimize Windows PC

Updated October 6, 2023

When we get a new windows device or get a new windows copy, our PC or laptop works like a cruiser. Over time it gets slower than a turtle. If you are a general user, it might not bother you much, but for the professional user, this could create a jam.

To overcome the issue we have tune-up apps and tools to optimize our windows run devices. So no matter what version of this software you are using, there is a handy software or app to help you out.

Their purpose is to speed up the computer processes, run maintenance tasks on driver and ROM, clean up system registry, accelerate system startup, remove or deactivate worthless programs and much more.

They also let you customize the basic and advanced settings of the main programs so that you could get optimal performance out of your machine. Get an instant disk de-fragmentation, remove duplicate and temp files, or clean the registry with the help of these apps.

So based on their performance and utility here are the 5 best tools to optimize Windows PC.

Tools to Optimize Windows PC

System Mechanic Pro

This is one of the best tools to enhance your computer’s windows registry and overall performance. Those who are well aware of the workings love it and call it simply among the best. Not just that, no matter what your level of software and computer understanding, you can use it.

The interface of this software is neither too demanding nor too simple. A middle way in between, it has many things to offer to a newbie as well as a pro. System Mechanic Pro is a real pro at the workings of your device, so give it a try and feel the smoothness in the workings of your laptop or desktop now.


Previously known among users as TuneUp, it has tweaked its name to AVG PC TuneUP. With the name change, the performance of this software has also seen an enhancement. Already an awesome tool, it has made a place for itself in the list of the most advanced and working ones.

It comes with a ton of features including maintenance, PC Health, PC Performance, and Rescue Center. It, not just tweaks with the workings of the overall system, with time, gives you suggestions on how to improve the performance.

The latest version even includes other platforms such as Android smartphones and tablets, Mac systems, and iOS machines. Among other features, the remote PC cleaning function is the best with live optimization tools additionally.


The CCleaner is one of the oldest in the field. With continuous improvements and the addition of advanced and useful features, it has maintained its position as a choice for the computer maintenance, optimization tool, in addition to windows registry and remover of junk and clutter.

If you ask what else CCleaner can do, it can enhance the installed applications such as the browser and other utility suites. This means a faster and clutter-free machine that is secure and gives you maximum performance.

CCleaner comes with a PC Sanitizer, a Disk Drive Wiper, and a Registry Cleaner. This feature-laden tool can fine-tune your PC while keeping other files and programs on the system up to the task.

Not just for Microsoft Windows, it has a version that can help you achieve the same for your Android run mobile phone and other devices. Download it and try it. You will find it really helpful and working even with the free version. Unlock additional capabilities with Pro and Pro+ versions.

Uniblue Registry Cleaner Kit

The basic reason for slowing down of our systems over time is because of the buildup of unnecessary files, glitches in the system and utility software, and a stockpile of other files that have little to non-purpose on the drive.

So if you are looking for a simple tool to take care of all these including cleaning up the system registry, deletion of junk files, and basic registry maintenance, this app is for you.

Best Tools to Optimize Windows PC

SmartPC Booster

Not five or ten, SmartPC Booster gives you over twenty-five PC tools to speed up your personal computer. If you want to protect your privacy and significantly improve the performance of your machine, this easy-to-use software is for you.

As you install it on your computer, SmartPC will scan it for possible problems and fix them for you, giving you an optimal performance. A smart care tool with expert-like features, given in one place.

Speed up the performance and avoid system crashes with the Smart Booster, a number one choice as Registry Optimizer, the corrector of disk errors, and a hub for driver updates. Seamlessly, it will convert your sluggish computer to a marathon runner in no time.

Final Words

These are among the best tools to optimize Windows PC. Even some work across platforms including Mac OS and Android. Select the best and download it now to get a smooth and better experience on your laptop or computer and tell us your experience in the comments below.

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