Useful Orkut Extension For Google Chrome

Updated October 6, 2023

Google Chrome is a very simple and innovative web browser. After firefox, Chrome is the 2nd best web browser in all over the world. Just like firefox, it has also lots of add-ons (Extensions). These extensions are use to make your browsing more easily and speedily.

For Orkut chrome has a very useful extension, through which you can easily post scrap, receive scrap updates and notifications. You can easily jump to new pages, friends section and search on orkut. There is no need to open orkut website in a new tab or window to chat with your friends.

You can easily surf the whole web while chatting with your friends on orkut. Whenever some one will leave a new scrap in your orkut account, you will see a notification in your chrome browser. Cliking on the button, you will see a drop down menu where all messages from friends can be seen.

Chrome Extension For Orkut

orkut tools

orkut extension for chormeOrkut is a growing social community to chat with friends and entertain your self. Although Facebook has taken the place of Orkut, but still there are huge amount of fans for orkut community. Depending on the choice of internet user, it is quite difficult to say that weather orkut is the best or facebook.

Those who want to use Orkut with chrome, then download this extension in your google chrome browser and enjoy chatting with your girl friends, relatives and friends.

Download Chrome Extension for Orkut

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