5 Things You Should Know About Wrike Project Management Software

Updated October 6, 2023

A work management software for the entire team, Wrike provides you with a solution for being efficient and effective when it comes to performing the duties assigned to a team. It doesn’t matter where they live or work, nor does it matter whether they’re in the same time zone, Wrike is one of many online project management tools that are engineered to make even the most remote teams more efficient because it helps you keep track of your work activities in a simple but effective manner.

As one of the best project collaboration tools, Wrike gives every leader a simple way to create and manage work. The team leader arranges all the necessary files in a Folder or Project, then he/she divides the work into smaller, more manageable chunks — these are the tasks. The software then allows all tasks and project milestones to be laid out on a Gantt chart or to be viewed in a table or report.

After setting due dates for each part of the plan, the leader can then keep track of all ongoing work  via Wrike. As a result, there is less need for time-wasting status meetings and it helps the entire team see the larger picture of where their task fits in the larger project.

Every task can be worked on, completed, and collaborated on directly by any team member. This is why Wrike is efficient as both a task management software and a team collaboration tool. All team members have a chance to help one another out directly within every task.

And if a user wants to share his work outside his team? Wrike also provides the opportunity to share your project with collaborators outside the company by inviting them in with limited privileges that allow you to keep confidential data secure.

Now if the team leader wants to see the status of his project, they can do it without wasting any time as Wrike’s report builder has the ability to prepare a report of each member instantly, thus saving the team leader from doing all the extra work.

Wrike Project Management Software

And when it comes to security and privacy, all Wrike admins can establish a protected way of logging into their account so that the important data cannot be used for malicious purposes. It includes Strong passwords, Microsoft Cloud Applications, and Active Directory Integration.

Wrike can be used by any business that has a number of people working together to achieve similar goals and objectives. The following are some highlighted industries that can benefit the most from the power of Wrike.

Wrike for Marketers

Marketers can make use of this team software for their complex multi-channel campaigns. Because a lot of online marketing campaigns involve A/B testing and iterative improvements on exiting work, it makes sense to keep all data in one platform. Plus, the collaborative aspect lends itself to much more satisfying teamwork within marketing groups. Content marketing for example, can create a dashboard for all planned blog posts and share this with the rest of the marketing team, who can then plan out how to consolidate avertising efforts and paid campaigns with what’s going to be published on the blog.

Apart from these things, a leader can also assign a work schedule to their team members, thus notifying every single of them of when they should begin work on a new schedule. This type of communication can save the team from a lot of misunderstandings related to the actual project. When every team member is always in contact with each other, it reduces their workload and helps them to solve their problems on time.

Wrike for Marketing Agencies

When it comes to Marketing Agencies, Wrike provides a number of solutions that can help a team become more effective. From creating new tasks to managing complex campaigns, and then assigning work to each team member, everything is just plain easy when it comes to Wrike.

Additionally, one of the best ways Wrike can help marketing agencies is with the intake of work. Via a feature called Wrike Requests, an agency can get all pertinent information for a job up front via a request form. This means it’s much easier to prepare a creative brief for the agency because requestors/clients have already inputted a job’s objectives, goals, deadline, and scope via the request form.

And what about the entire feedback process? You can invite an unlimited number of external collaborators (e.g. customers and clients) into your Wrike account and give them limited access to specific tasks or projects so they can comment and leave their opinions on current iterations of the work.

Wrike for Product Development

It’s not easy to bring a new product to market, but Wrike makes it considerably stress-free to launch a new product via global teams. The system lends itself well to managing all the moving parts of a project even if workers are remote. Collaboration becomes integral, and constant communication keepe the team from missing deadlines and launch dates. All these features help the team deliver the product on time, thus saving them from a lot of difficulties.

Wrike for Project Managers

For managers who must handle multiple projects at the same time, Wrike provides an ideal solution. By using Wrike, managers can gain a complete view of all their work so they need not scramble to figure out the status of each project, or worse yet, ask for a status meeting, which wastes everyone’s time. By using Wrike, project managers can keep their team fully focused all the time, thus bearing useful fruit at the end.

Wrike for Team Leaders

A project management software like Wrike is just a dream come true for team leaders who want to sty on top of their work, even when on the go. When team leaders have access to the work being done by their teams all the time, it lessens the temptation to micromanage, and it gives them the chance to rectify any initial problems as a project gets underway.

So when Wrike helps them to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming meetings, it also helps the team leader to have the peace of mind for which he craves during the entire project.

Talking about its availability for a different set of users, Wrike is currently available in no less than 10 Languages. From English, Spanish, French, Italian, German-Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and Turkish, this project Management software targets almost every audience with its vast setup.

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