How to Track and Find iPhone Without iCloud – [2024 Tested]

Updated December 23, 2023

iPhone has great features to track its location whenever it is stolen or lost. Find my iPhone through icloud feature is the only feature that can be used to easily track its current location.

However, if you don’t have access to iCloud and want to track your iphone location then there are number of options available which includes Google Map, Spy Apps and IMEI tracking. But these methods can not tell the real time location of the phone. Anyone claiming to provide real time tracking of the phone is just lying.

In this guide, I will explain the different ways you can use to track iphone without iCloud ID access in details.

3 Ways to Find and Track iPhone Without iCloud ID

Method 1: Google Maps

Google Map has great feature that can help you track your iphone location. It is free service by Google and one can easily keep track on phone location. However, it is important that you have Activated Location history on your iPhone. If it is not activated then this method might not work for you. To Turn On Location History, Go to your Google Setting & Privacy and Turn On location history.

Step 1: Access Google Timeline link on any device or Web Browser

Step 2: Google Map will display all the tracked location based on dates. Click on “Today” to view the recent locations tracked by Google Map.

How to Track iPhone Location Without iCloud

Step 3: On the bottom you will see different results based on Time. Click on any timeline and view the location of the phone on the right side of the screen.

Google Map can only show recently record location. It can’t display the real time location of your iPhone.

Method 2: Spy Apps

Another very useful and accurate method to track iPhone location is using Spy App. However, this method can only work if you have already installed a tracking app on your iPhone. If you have not installed yet, then it is not possible to track your iPhone because you will need physical access to the phone. Assuming you have no physical access to the phone, this method will not work for you. However if you do have physical access to your iPhone, then install any of the following Spy Apps and track its location.

Spy Apps to Install

  • FlexiSpy
  • mSpy
  • Spyic
  • Cocospy

Method 3: Tracking via IMEI

This is one of the methods that most of the intelligence agencies use to track any phone using its IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity which is a unique identity number for every network based device. iPhone or any other phone has a unique IMEI and using this number the network provider can track the SIM used inside the phone. Once the SIM number is known, the network operator can locate its location using the Signal Towers.

However, be informed that no service provider on Internet can provide IMEI tracking for free. If any website is providing such service then it must be fake claim. Only Network provider can do this and unless you have a friend or relative or someone in agency no other person can track your iPhone using IMEI.

One more thing, if you have lost your iPhone and the person has already changed/cloned its IMEI number then chances of tracking your iPhone is zero. The new IMEI number is bind to the phone and thus leaving no traces for tracking.


If you have already lost your iPhone and the tracking feature like Find my iPhone feature is turned off, Google Map Location History is Turned Off, then be informed that none of the above methods will work for you. In order to track your iPhone you must have turned it on before you lost access to your iPhone.

However, if you already turned On these features then without iCloud login the Google Map Location history is the only option that can track your iPhone location for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Possible to Track iPhone Without iCloud

It is possible to track iPhone location using Google Maps Location History. In order to track using Google Map you must have location history turned on already.

2. How to Track iPhone Location From Another Phone?

You can only track your iphone location if you have your iCloud ID login access. However if your 2nd device has the same iCloud ID connected, then Find My iPhone feature can help you location your iPhone.

3. How can I check someone’s location on iPhone without them knowing

To track someone location on iPhone without letting them know it is required to install a spy app on his/him phone. This way you can easily track the location of the phone, call history and other details of the phone in real time.

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