3 Ways to Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Updated April 1, 2024

It’s no secret that relationships are built on trust, but sometimes that is not enough. Occasionally, you may need to resort to other methods like how to track a phone or looking into and tracking your partner phone to make sure your wife is completely honest and faithful.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can track your wife’s phone. However, the most reliable way is through a phone monitoring app. The best phone tracking app should be able to track iPhone and Android smartphones.

Best of all, these lets you track everything that goes in and out of her phone secretly. This happens regardless of how far you are from your wife. This mechanism makes tracking your wife easier than ever before!

Besides, some apps are superior to others and deliver more functionality. Also, they can conceal themselves and all the activities from your wife’s attention.

What is the App that tracks my Wife’s?

Number of apps are available that are used to track wife’s phone, location and messages. Some are free apps and some are paid. However, any wife locator app you chose to install must have the following features.

  • Easy to Install
  • Requires physical access to the phone.
  • An account on the app to monitor the recorded data.

Here, we will show you 3 ways of how to track a phone specially your wife’s phone without her knowing.

Track Wife Phone

1. FlexiSpy App

Download FlexiSpy Here

Based on user reviews, this is one of the best app to how to secretly track a cell phone location for free and track a phone without even touching or installing an app on the target phone. The support team is also very quick in responding to your queries and helping you track a phone easily.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without them knowing using FlexiSpy

  1. Download the app for Android or iPhone from here and Install the App on the target phone.
  2. Check your email for the license key and enter the key during the installation wizard.
  3. Enter your login credential at the end of the installation so that you can access all the tracked data of your partner phone on the web.
  4. Login to www.flexispy.com/en/flexiview.htm and enter your login username and password.
  5. You will be redirected to the Dashboard where you can see all the phone tracked data. This is how you can track a phone using Flexispy App.

How to track a Phone using Flexyspy app

2. Spyic

If you are looking for the most powerful phone tracking app, then try Spyic. This spy app works on iOS and Android smartphones. Already, Spyic is used by millions of users around the world.


Spyic is equipped with various features that let you track virtually everything on your wife’s phone. All the tracking activities on iOS and Android phones take place in stealth.

The app is a trusted phone tracking app. This app is used by parents, companies, and spouse. It boasts of the best customer approval ratings in the phone surveillance arena.

Besides tracking your wife’s phone, Spyic lets you track your husband’s phone discreetly.

2.1. Spyic unique tracking features to how to track a phone number

Spyic functionality is virtually unlimited and includes features the following features.

1. Location tracking

Spyic lets you find out where your wife is at any moment with the help of its GPS tracking capabilities. The app makes sure you know where your wife, children, or employees are really where they say they are.

2. Text message tracking 

This app can intercept sent or received messages on your wife’s phone. It lets you find what goes on in her text communication. The app also allows you to track multimedia files exchanged even if the messages are deleted right away.

3. Track call logs

All incoming and outgoing text messages will no longer be a mystery thanks to Spyic’s capabilities. It lets you see the number, duration, and timestamp details by simply accessing the call information from your computer.

Also, you can track several phones if your wife has several smartphones.

4. Monitor online activity

If you always want to know which websites your spouse visits most often, Spyic makes it easy for you. The app gives you a list of all web pages she has visited on her phone.

It will even let you access every bookmarked address, and every piece of information received or sent online.

5. Track calendar and schedule

Spyic lets you find out where your spouse is going to go today or in a week. Also, the app lets you monitor his address book, calendar, and notes.

6. Track messaging apps 

Messages can not only be exchanged on smartphones, but also through several chatting apps.

Even though in the past you weren’t able to intercept exchanged messages, now you can through Spyic. Spyic lets you track your wife’s social networking messaging and access the popular social media apps.

These include: Twitter, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype

7. Access multimedia files 

Most smartphone users take several pictures and videos on a daily basis. Spyic allows you to see everything on your wife’s phone including what the camera captures.

Every photo and video your spouse takes will be available on your Spyic account, to ease their access.

2.2. Amazing Spyic Tracking App capabilities

  1. No jailbreaking or rooting required

Spyic developers use cutting-edge technology to eliminate the need to root Android or jailbreak iOS devices. This is a milestone only a few cell phone tracking apps can claim.

Thanks to engineers at Spyic, there are no intricacies of rooting or jailbreaking your wife’s phone.

  1. Operates in stealth

All the activities in this app take place in the background. This way, she will not be able to suspect that you are tracking her. Even though on Android the app has to be installed, it automatically deletes its icon.

Moreover, the app disguises itself in the installed apps to ensure your wife does not suspect. For iPhones, no installation is needed on the target device. You only need to provide her iCloud credentials of her iPhone. That’s all!

  1. Safe and Secure

Spyic does not have access to personal data so it can’t store it on the server. Also, it is safe since the app does not require rooting or jailbreaking her smartphone.

Rooting or jailbreaking her phone leaves your wife vulnerable to malware and hacking.

  1. Remote tracking capabilities

This is a web-based tracking app that allows you to track your spouse smartphone remotely. This can be accomplished remotely via any web browser by logging into your Spyic dashboard.

In your dashboard, you can track more than just location on your wife’s phone.

2.3 Using Spyic to track your spouse phone without them knowing

To discreetly track your wife’s or husband phone, you need to follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: To start the process, you need to sign up for a Spyic account. Visit the Spyic official website and register.


Step 2: Setup the target device

  1. a) To use Spyic on your wife’s Android phone, download the app on her phone and install it. The process will take less than 5 minutes. The setup wizard will take you through the installation process.
  2. b) To track her iPhone, you only need to provide her iCloud credentials. Provide them, then hit Verify.

Step 3: After configuring her phone, the system will a while to sync data. When everything is done, you can click on Start to finish the setup process.


Step 4: Next, log in to your dashboard. On the left panel, scroll to the Locations tab.

Track Cell Phone Location

Here, there are multiple features. You will have access to features that let you track the location of your wife’s phone. Also, on your dashboard, you will be able to track her real-time location.

3. Cocyspy App – How to Track a Phone Number for free with Cocospy Tracking App

Install for Andorid and iPhone


Cocospy is another great app capable of tracking your spouse smartphone. This is a great option. It is easy to use and supports the tracking of both Android and iOS devices.

Cocospy is one of the best smartphone surveillance apps available today. The app comes with an intuitive user interface. Also, it does not require rooting or jailbreaking her phone to track it.

Cocospy is web-based, which allows you to access her smartphone via a web browser. After setting the app, it operates all tracking activities in stealth. This ensures the app is undetectable by your wife.

Also, this phone tracking app has some impressive features. For instance, Cocospy lets you track the location of your wife’s phone and installed apps on the phone.

3.1. Features of Cocospy Tracking App

  • Call, Message and Location Tracking
  • Geofence Alerts and Stealth Mode.
  • Whatspp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber Tracking
  • Website Search and Watch History Tracking
  • Track Phone Number for Free

3.2. How to Track A SmartPhone with Cocospy?

Step 1: The first step is to download the Cocospy App from the link stated above. Select your desired Package (Basic, Family, Premium) and Install the App. Follow this step by step guide to install the app.

After successful installation, login to your web account. The Dashboard will show all the tracking information i.e SMS, Whatsapp, Call History etc of the targeted phone.

Cocospy Dashboard

This is how you can easily track any smartphone using Cocospy.

Bonus: Tracking Phone with Glympse App

How to Track Phone Location with Glympse

This is among the best smartphone trackers. It provides various tracking capabilities. Apart from tracking the mobile number, it lets users track social media activities.

The app supports basic and premium versions. However, the basic version lacks most of the best tracking features. Moreover, even the premium version requires rooting her smartphone to be able to track it.

How to Track Smartphone with Glympse.

Step 1: Download this app from Google Play Store. Install the app on the target smartphone. Specify the time and contact number where Glympse will automatically send the live location of the target phone. You can also allow the app to track the smartphone location and send to your email address.


The best way to track your wife’s phone is through a phone spy app. The best apps are easy to use. Apps that require rooting or jailbreaking your wife’s phone introduce a big inconvenience.

In this article, we have established that Spyic is the best app to track a phone. Above all, it is equipped with mobile gps tracking features that set it apart. So, if you are looking for convenience, Spyic is the best bet for phone gps tracking and much more.

If you need further help and have questions about how to track a phone then feel free to ask in the comments sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track a cell phone location on Google Maps for free?

You can track someone location on Google maps for free by accessing their gmail account. Once you have to access to the gmail account, you click on its profile icon from Google map to find its location.

How can I track location without an app?

It is only possible with Google maps and to do that, you will need to access to the person Gmail account.

Can my spouse track my phone without me knowing?

Yes, this is possible to track a phone without them knowing. For such purpose spy apps or family tracker apps are used.

Do I need Spyic App on Both Phones to Track?

No, it is not required to install Spyic or any other tracking app on both phones. It has to be installed only the phone you want to track. However, if you want to view the tracked data then you will need to access the Spyic Dashboard so that you can view all the tracked data. There are two ways to do it. First you can login to Spyic Web Login Page from here https://spyic.com/login.html or you can install Spyic App on your phone to access the Dasboard.

Can I Track Phone of my Wife or Husband Which is not Physically Available?

This is only possible with iPhone where you have the iCloud Login Info. If you don’t have the iCloud login information then it is not possible. In order to track a phone you will need physical access to the phone.

Can the Phone Be Tracked if it is Turned OFF?

In order to track the data of the phone, it has to be turned ON and connected with Internet. So that the Spy App (Either Spyic, Flexispy, Cocospy or any other app) installed on the phone can record the data and send to the Server for you to view on the Dashboard. However, if the phone is turned off for a longer period of time and as soon as it is turned On and connected to internet it will send all the record data to the server.

Can My Partner Know If Any Tracking App is Installed on her Phone?

No she can’t know if the app is marked as hidden during the installation of the App. Unless she is an IT expert and have knowledge of how android and iOS works, then in that case she can figure it out. Otherwise, it is very hard for a naive to detect a Spy App on her phone.

Does Factory Reset Removes the Spy App from the Target Phone?

Yes, once the phone is Factor Rest all the apps installed will be removed from the Phone. You have to reinstall the App and use your login info to start tracking the data of the phone.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location without Installing Software

Unfortunately it is not possible. The app has to be installed properly on the target phone and has to be connected with your Spyic or any other Spy App Server using your login information or Unique ID provided the App provider during the purchase. The app has to be physically present on the phone so that it can track all the data and send to the server.

Is it Illegal to Install Tracking Apps on Someone Phone?

Though it is ethically immoral to track someone and spy on their activities without letting them know. But currently there is no LAW in any country which consider this crime. However, in some countries Privacy Laws exists which can prevent you from doing so. Here is a list of Laws currently enforced in 137 Countries which considers different activities related to protection of Data and Privacy as Crime. So make sure to go through it.


  • I felt like my husband was cheating on me and asked him if he was and he told me no. I paid for everything including his phone and told him if he wasn’t then let me track his phone. He said go ahead, do whatever you want, I have nothing to hide and have me his phone and said do whatever you want and go through the entire phone if you want. I sat on my couch and did exactly that and found nothing and then downloaded this app along with an app that could remotely access his camera (I don’t think that’s possible anymore). I gave back his phone and apologized since I didn’t find anything at that time. I monitored his phone for over a year off and on and didnt find anything. I ended up forgetting about it and he must have also. One day, I received an email from them camera app and it’s just was asking me to subscribe again. Curiosity killed the cat and I decided to subscribe to both apps again and can in to see if he was cheating. I quickly found out that he was in fact cheating and decided to begin accessing his camera because I really needed to see it with my own eyes. Watching him and hearing him not only communicate with another woman but also the romantic part crushed my however, I quickly learned I was the problem and believe it or not I watched and listened for almost 3-4 months and began trying to change the way I treated him on a daily basis. I never told him what I saw or heard and used these tools as a way to try to figure out what was wrong in my marriage. We began laughing again and having fun together. Long story short, one day I listened to him tell her he couldn’t continue to see her anymore and said to her, my wife has completely made a 360 degree change and before I didn’t feel bad at all for doing what I was doing with you because I truly began hating her. The last 6 months I thought were just a fluke but I’ve fallen in love with her all over again and if things stay this way, I don’t ever see me ever stepping out of my marriage ever again. I’m sorry. She continued to text him for 2-3 months asking how things were going. You could tell she was hurt but she totally respected his choice and surprisingly encouraged him to continue to be faithful to me. She said to him, if it took me to get you and her back to the way you used to be, I’m content with that even though I truly love you. I support your decision. So not every story is a messed up story. In my case, i had his permission and he just forgot about it and instead of me leaving I listened and made changes.

  • Which app can be easily installed on my Hawaii y9 prime phone? I tried Spyic but after some time it does not show fresh data.

  • Richard

    I want to download spyic on my wife phone and I don’t know the right one to click.please tell me which to click and again am I paying for the app when am doing registration on the app?please get back to me because I wanna find out the real father to my child.

    Best regards


  • Do I need to download spyic app on both phones before I can access my husbands phone?

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Only on the target phone. You can then access the data tracked via Web Based Login Account.

  • Peter Fussey

    Can I track my wifes phone in Lagos Nigeria, I’m based in the UK. My phone is a Sony galaxy s21 ultra, hers is an IPhone 13plus max

  • That’s an excellent question. I’ll say, it doesn’t matter if their location is off or on. If they’re connected to data which they’re definitely going to be connected to normal cellphone data or if they’re connected to WiFi… Either one will work. The location on/off tab is just for your phone personally… So Google doesn’t track what you’re doing right… But trackable it still is. I believe as long as your phone is on – its trackable.

    If you want to track your partner. Just be ready for the consequences. God bless you

  • Georgette

    Please how can I track a spouses phone without installing the app on their phone. Is that possible by just using the number

    • Stevenbradley

      Do I have to set my wife’s phone up to track it or can I do it just through the number

    • I was devastated when i found out my partner was cheating on me

    • Hey, I just want to inform you that if you’re really keen to track your partner – you should be ready for the consequences. I tracked my partner 4 years ago and I didn’t like what I found. Chances are, if you’re willing to track your partner – you’re definitely going to find something you won’t like. Perhaps even something that was a probable “Mistake” (that won’t happen again) sort of thing… You know what. Shit happens for a reason. If we’re meant to find out.. We will.. Going and looking for trouble – will probably see you in regret later on. Just think about it. I’m just a random person from South Africa.

  • I use Huawei P40 lite will be able to put this tracker I’m so interested cos lady’s they lie too much and if u can’t caught her red handed you won’t say anything so it’s for the best i guess.

  • Nausheen Bilal

    Is the icon of app visible on phone? Or in installed apps?

    • Bilal Ahmad

      This is automatically hidden after installation. It will not show in Installed Apps.

  • What is needed to track the target phone if you don’t have the iCloud info can the phone number be used

    • How much does this cost and does your partner know that you spying on them. Thanks

  • C Sherr

    So, I’m looking for something to track my 14yr granddaughter. She has an iPhone 8 Plus, are these apps compatible?

    • Will I be able to spy on my cheating wife cell phone without her knowing she must not know I want to go in her phone and see who she’s texting and where she’s been meeting him can you help me

      • Please pardon me for my tardiness… My friend, if you’re already aware that your wife is cheating on you and she is meeting some man – why are you still with her? There’s so many people in this world to love and to receive the same kind of love in return. Those who will be loyal to you and your relationship with them. Sometimes the love you feel may only be an infatuation that you need to shake off on your own and move on. Nobody deserves to be living in stress. Maybe you are the person who needs to see the truth or find evidence to satisfy your accusations. Download the app. It works. I have used an app similar and its easy to navigate as well. Find the evidence you require and before somebody shouts GBV you get the heckout of there and start your life anew. You’re worthy of love and respect. May God bless you abundantly. Go well my brother

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Yes this is compatible.

  • So what if the phone ur wanting to trac keeps their location off at all times? Then what. I never keep my location on even tho i have a medical need to but i know many many ppl who never have their location on so how woukd this work. Sounds likw it qould bw a waste cause if their location is off ud only see the last place it pinged at qhich defwts thw purpouse of knowing the in real time location right or am i missing somwthing here?? Anyone??

    • Bilal Ahmad

      The location can be tracked if the phone is connected to Wifi. Even if the GPS is off, the location can still be tracked from the connected wifi.

  • Racheal

    But it’s no secret on their phone if they see the App on there is it 🤔

  • How can you know if someone is tracking your phone with this apps? What to do to prevent it?

    • Just cange your iCloud credentials. Cause that’s what’s needed for someone else to spy on you.

      • Tony duncan

        If any of these phones use Google and they have a Google username and password that you know you can track them that way you go to google.com click the top right enter their Gmail address and password and then they will also have to have their location turned on for Google GPS and it will keep the entire history It will tell you when they stopped how long they stopped where they went etc

  • I think this “service” is dangerous. So many wives and girlfriends are abused and even loose their lives to their abuser not to mention the ability to enable stalkers! This needs to be illegal.

    • El Generico

      Yeah.. except that problem goes both ways. Apps can’t kill people. People kill people. Don’t blame the app for a jealous n abusive significant other. Blame falls where it’s deserved, and an app don’t create the problem. Obviously if you’re spying on your significant others phone, there’s clearly no trust. No trust=No Love. Abuse=control.
      An app don’t cause ANY of that. And if you’re just HONEST, you don’t gotta worry about what the app shows anyway.

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