Six Problems and Issues with iPhone 4

Updated October 6, 2023

Ever since the launch of iPhone 4, many issues has been reported and some of them has instigated so much momentum, which could have hit on the sales of the phone, that they had to consider the issue and take necessary measures for such issues, which shows that these outlined problems are important and is worth the discussion.

iPhone 4, in short is not only packed with a number of new features but also with number of problems. We will look at some of the topmost six major issues that cropped up since the release of iPhone 4.

Here are few,

Signal Loss Antenna

While iPhone 4 was boasting on an all-new signal loss antenna, which is specially built for left handed users, this was one issue that caused the greatest problem that even a layman would have become aware of, discouraging many users. Apple found to sort the issue in a number of ways and finally came up with a solution. However, the solution came with a cost of buying an additional bumper case, which will have an antenna to compensate for the signal loss caused by this antenna.

Yellow Fever Display

This yellow fever display happened when Apple wanted a high resolution display screen that you could even watch a movie in their screen. But what happened in contrast to their expectation was that black turned out to be blacker and yellow spots turned to be more yellow, causing the loss of clarity in the screen.

Swapped Sound Buttons

Apple iPhone 4 developers wanted to develop a much more pleasuresome experience of listening to music, and so switched the volume up and down buttons. Unfortunately that turned into a disaster causing the phone to ring loudly in the middle of a movie was really annoying to many of the users.

Limited Data

This brilliant multi-touch display makes surfing the web easier on your iPhone 4. Now, with the kind of plans that their mobile carriers are offering and are charging more for using more data, results in a certain level of discontent and displeasure. This redefining the web, has resulted only in increasing your monthly bills, and is done with precision that you will not be able to escape anymore.

Earth-shattering Screen

Since Apple makes their iPhones with glasses on both the sides of the phone, there is a requirement that you need to protect the phone from scratches, and therefore will require more than a case. Customers need to spend money on the repairs that seems to be happening very often because of this and also, you need to spend more on the protection covers, to prevent the expenditure that is being caused by this earth shattering screen.

White Out

iPhone 4 was promised to come in two colors, black and white. Until now the white iPhone has still not made their appearance in the market, and Apple has given a very good excuse of technological difficulty in manufacturing the white iPhone 4. Will there be a white iPhone 5, at the least?

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  • Antoinette

    You have stated the 6 problem and issues of the iPhone 4 and you missed something about the passing of photos or the connectivity. When transferring using a Bluetooth it needs to be iPhone to iPhone if it’s not you will not be able to pass a certain file that you want easily.


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