How to Track Android and iPhone Without Rooting the Phone? Step by Step Guide

Updated October 6, 2023

Tracking a phone has become so easy these days. With the introduction of several easy to use Android and iPhone Apps, it is now just a few steps away. If the phone belongs to you, your kid, wife, love one, husband or employee you can easily track its gps location, messages, whatsapp, videos, phone calls, internet surfing activities without even rooting or jailbreaking the phone. Although to gain full access to the phone tracking features you will need to root or jailbreak the phone, but without rooting you can have access to the basic cell phone tracking features. I will it discuss later in detail.

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In this article, I will show you how to track a phone easily without going through technical stuffs. Even If you are a naive user of Cell Phone, you can easily follow the tutorial below to track any cell phone.

Lets start tracking your target phone.

1. Tracking A Cell Phone With Spyic Monitoring Software

The first app we are going to use for tracking any phone is Spyic. It is one of the most popular and easy to use app with all the features a spy app must have. For example gps location tracking, whatsapp and phone messages and calls, web browsing activities, geo-fencing, stealth mode (which means the app will work in the background and the target phone owner will never know about the app). Apart form these features it can track snap chat, instagram, viber as well. Most of the apps will require you to to root or jailbreak your phone to track social accounts. Jailbreaking is a technical process and only pro mobile users can do it. However you can search a step by step method for your phone and android model to easily jailbreak your phone on web. The jailbreak allows the app to get access to the phone completely and allows you to gain access to all the apps and activities on the target phone. However, Spyic can work without rooting or jailbreaking your phone. That is why it is one of the most popular and recommended tracking app.

Step by Step Method for Installing Spyic App on Android Phone

Step 1:- Download the Spyic Android App.

Step 2:- Now go to your mobile “Setting>Lock Screen and Security> and unable Unknown Sources (Allow installation of apps from sources other than Play Store).

Installation of Spyic Tracking App

Step 3:- Disable Google Play Protect by going to Settings>Security>Google Play Protect and disable both the “Improve harmful app detection” & “Scan device for security threats” options.

Disable Unknown Sources App

Step 4:- Now take the target phone in your hand and visit the download link provided in the Step 1.  Slide right to download the app on the target phone. When the app is successfully downloaded. Open the App from the Notification Panel. Tap on “Install” and “Open” to run the app.

How to Install Spyic Android Tracking App

Step 5:- Now the App is successfully installed. When you open the app for the first time, it will display privacy policy & EULA. Click on “Agree” and sign in with the login information provided in the Step 1.

Step 6:- Follow the Wizard by applying the Settings suggested by the app one by one. At the end of the Wizard you will see “Congratulation” message. Which means the app is successfully installed. If you want to hide the app from the target phone, then tick on the option “Hide the Application” displayed on this page. Click on the “Start Monitoring” and you are done.

Step 7:- On the Step 1 Page you will see “Installation Completed” message. Click on “Start” button and your Dashboard will start tracking and displaying the target phone data. This Dashboard is the place where you will login to see all the tracked data.

Step by Step Method for Installing Spyic on iPhone

Stet 1:- Get your Spyic Premium Subscription from official website.

The best thing about Spyic for iPhone is that you don’t need to download the app on the target phone. You just need to enter the iCloud ID of the iPhone on the Setup Wizard Page and Spyic will start tracking iphone data.

Once you are logged in to your Spyic Account. Provide the necessary information as shown in the screenshot below.

Spyic iPhone Installation for Tracking

Click Proceed and Enter the iCloud ID of the Target Phone. Click on “Verify”, Select “iOS Version” and Click “Start”. This is how Spyic Installation on iPhone works. It is the most easy and simple phone tracking app available for iOS.

Now that you have installed the Spyic App on the target Phone. Lets discuss the features in detail.

Call Tracking – Spyic allows you to track all incoming, out going and missed calls. You can check the Call Duration, number of calls made and timestamps. It will also show you the list of most popular contacts. This feature works without the need to Root or Jailbreaking your Cell Phone.

Track SMS – It allows you to track and read all incoming, outgoing and even deleted messages and MMS. It shows you the name, number and picture of the sender. This feature also works without the need of Jailbreaking or rooting the target smart phone.

Track Location – This feature allows you to view past and present GPS location of the Target Phone. You can easily view where the target phone owner went to in the past and where it is now. It shows the current address with timestamps. This feature works on target phone without rooting or jailbreaking the phone.

Geo-Fencing Alert – This feature helps you to set certain perimeters in the Google Map for the target phone GPS. So that you can know when the target phone leaves the area or enters in the specified area. This feature can also work without rooting the phone.

Track Facebook Messages – This app can track the Facebook Messages as well. Any private messages, group chats, or the photo profiles of the target phone where it interacts can be tracked easily. This feature may not work on iOS because this needs jailbreaking the phone.

Whatsapp Spy – Spyic can track whatsapp messages, group chats, any received pictures or videos. The good thing about Spyic is that you don’t need rooting your phone in order for this feature work. Most of the other spy apps in the market will require you to root your phone for whatsapp tracking.

SnapChat Spy – Any messages sent or received from SnapChat will be tracked by Spyic and displayed on the Dashboard. All the contacts details, names and photos are shown. And you don’t need rooting your phone for this.

Instagram Spy – All the sent and received messages via Instagram are tracked by Spyic App without the need of rooting the phone.

Viber Spy – You can also view all the messages, call records, attachments made from Viber. This works without jailbreaking the phone.

Stealth Mode – Spyic runs completely hidden in the background and the target phone owner will never know if any such app is tracking the phone activities. The stealth mode works perfectly fine without rooting the phone.

Track Web Activities – If you are concerned about web activities of the target phone user, then Spyic is here for you. It will track all the website accessed via any web browser on the phone.

SIM Card Tracking – This app will track any SIM Card inserted in the phone. It will show you the Network and IMEI number of the SIM card used. This will help you to track the lost phone via the IMEI.

Keylogger – Spyic has the best keylogger feature which enables you to capture all the text typed on the phone. Weather it is any search terms, or notes taken, number dialed or any other written text. The apps record it and store it.

Overall Spyic is the best phone tracking app available in the market. It helps you track gps location of any phone, whatsapp messages, viber, instagram, snapchat messages and other activities without rooting the cell phone.

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