How Casinos Ensure Online Safety

Updated October 6, 2023

Cybercriminals primarily target two things in an online business: data and money. Casinos have both, which is why they follow strict security measures to keep hackers away.

By law, online casinos must hold a valid license to prove they’re genuine. But they don’t stop there. They take extra measures to protect your data and money. Below are some of these measures:

Working With Safe Payment Providers

How Casinos Ensure Online Safety

When it comes to depositing money at online casinos in the US, you have plenty of options. Many sites support card issuers like Visa and MasterCard. They also accept digital wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Google Pay, Neteller, Apple Pay, and Trustly.

Most casinos that love to keep up with trends all support crypto. They accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another popular coin for payments. Additionally, they support e-checks and traditional wire payments.

While casinos accept many payment options, they ensure that each payment provider is secure and trustworthy. Safety helps protect users’ financial information. It also ensures payments are completed consistently.

When it comes to choosing a specific payment company, there’s no right and wrong answer. It all depends on your priorities. Looking for a fast payment company? Choose a digital wallet or crypto coin.

Do you want to withdraw a large jackpot windfall? A bank transfer is the safest bet. It might take a while to process payments. But it supports high limits.

SSL Certificate for Data Encryption

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It’s a security protocol that scrambles your personal information to make it useless to hackers. Nearly every genuine website in 2023 requires an SSL certificate, including online casinos.

SSL encryption has become so important that most browsers warn you before you proceed to a site that doesn’t encrypt users’ data. If your browser doesn’t warn you, don’t worry.

 It’s easy to identify a secure website. Look for a locked padlock sign on a site’s address bar. If you click on the padlock, your browser will usually reveal a message confirming that the site is secure. Another way to check if a site is safe is to look at its address.

SSL-encrypted sites start with “HTTPS” and not “HTTP.” That being said, SSL doesn’t solve all security problems on its own. A good casino combines several tools to keep your data safe.

 Multi-Factor Authentication

The best online casinos provide several ways to secure your account. They let you use a password. Many of them ensure you use a strong password with at least eight characters.

Next, they support Two-Factor Authentication. This feature requires you to provide a unique authentication code sent to an authenticator app, your email address, or your cellphone number before you access your account.

Two-Factor Authentication helps protect your account from people who succeed in breaching your password. Someone could social engineer your password. Or a relative might see it. Without an authentication code, they can’t log into your casino account.

Beyond 2-FA, some gambling sites provide unique passcodes for cash withdrawals. You must enter this code before you can request a cashout. It’s an extra way to make it hard for hackers to steal your winnings.

Providing Fair Games

Contrary to popular belief, most casinos don’t create slots and table games. They lease these games from third-party software developers. To keep you safe and enhance your gaming experience, good casinos work with top-tier software providers.

NetEnt, Blueprint Gaming, Microgaming, Betsoft, BTG, Playtech, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, and No Limit City are the biggest developers in the iGaming world. They create high-quality, high-paying slots. And as a result, you need to look out for these names when choosing a casino.

Because software developers create casino games, they determine a slot’s payout rate, fairness, and features. Some developers are better at creating games—play games from these companies.

If you like to play poker blackjack and roulette over slots, select a live casino with games from Evolution. It provides a platform to play your favorite table game against fellow human players in real-time. Live gaming is more exciting and immersive.

Efficient Customer Service

Reliable customer service is good for online safety. Think about this. You just lost your account to hackers. So, you contact your casino’s support email for assistance.

If the website provides great customer service, it will probably react by suspending your account immediately. Hackers can’t withdraw your money. In turn, the casino can help recover your account.

Another way good customer service ensures security is by working on customer feedback. Let’s say a few customers report that the casino’s app freezes regularly. With reliable customer service in place, the operator can fix bugs before hackers take control.

Beyond looking out for security threats, customer service helps people loyal to a casino. It does this by solving players’ issues urgently. It streamlines issues on the website and helps the casino implement features that can improve players’ satisfaction.

Data Privacy Best Practices

A casino’s data privacy policy goes a long way in keeping your personal information safe. If it minimizes the amount of data it collects, it can keep you safe from criminals.

If a casino shares your data, then it contributes to making you a target of data theft. Fortunately, casino regulators play a role in keeping casinos accountable if they ever share your data.

Take the EU’s GDPR rules as an example. Every website needs to ask for your permission before collecting your data. What’s more, the site must explain how it intends to use your personal information.

GDPR also prohibits webmasters from sharing your data unnecessarily. And once they’re done using it, they must delete it.

Fraud Protection Tools

Another way online casinos keep you safe is by using tools like antiviruses, VPNs, and anti-DDoS software. Antiviruses keep a casino safe from malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, and adware.

Casinos empower their employees with VPNs to help them hide their identities from potential attackers. Virtual Private Networks also encrypt sensitive data, thereby protecting a casino from unauthorized cyber-attacks.

 Anti-DDoS programs help fight Distributed Denial of Service attacks. DDoS attacks overwhelm a server to the point that a website can’t work anymore. Needless to say, an anti-DDoS program is important for businesses like online casinos.

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