The GIMP Photo-editing Program Is The Best Alternative to Adobe Photoshop

Updated October 6, 2023

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With Photoshop being such a popular online editor for images as well as many other abilities, it is safe to say that every copy that exists is not a legitimately owned copy because of Photoshop’s outrageous price tag.

However, with GIMP you get software that does the same exact photo editing as Photoshop. The great thing with GIMP photo editing software is that it comes preinstalled on a few Linux systems. GIMP is also a great Photoshop alternative that is completely free. But just because GIMP is free, this does not mean you should think that there is something missing because it is more than able to stand next to Photoshop in everything they have to offer.

A few features that GIMP offers include noise reduction, cropping, gradients, brushes that are customizable, adjustment tools, image retouching, many montage features as well as many others. If you consider yourself to be familiar with photo editing, then you will be glad to hear that you will have plenty of tools at your disposal like an animation tool, filters, Bezier curves, and layer masks.

The GIMP connection can be easily customized which has also seen many plugins that are tutorials throughout the many communities that are available. So, if you feel that you’re stuck, you will always have help available.

Besides the features we’ve stated above, here are a few more examples of why the GIMP photo-editing program is the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Free Can Be A Good Thing

Whoever said that free was not a good thing? Well, that’s what makes GIMP pretty attractive. This is especially true when the price of Photoshop can be as high as $750 just for one install.

Editing Basics Are No Different

GIMP provides the exact same software tools for the editing of all photos. Also, the software provides the exact same quality as seen in Photoshop. Plus, the GIMP can easily create web images that will instantly pop from the screen.

No Need For Features That Seem Advanced

With a plethora of features available, it’s safe to say that you won’t need all of them. Plus, if you are an average user, then you won’t be using them at all. When it comes to minor touch-ups, there is no need for software that is both expensive and cumbersome. However, GIMP provides software that is both capable and essential. To use more features, a plugin is all that is needed. If you decide to go with GIMP, then you will accomplish more than any other type of job. It allows you to experiment with many filter stacks and many other types of filters.

Also, you won’t have to pay extra for plugins or filters when you use GIMP. GIMP is also known for being plugin friendly unlike Photoshop’s extremely high potential for crashing.

Software Can Be Customized

Like we said previously, you can customize the software to however you want to use it. With the GUI being customizable you can also minimalize it.

Ready With Support

Just like any other software that’s open-source, a huge amount of support is available. This is nonexistent with Photoshop. The techniques used for editing are applicable for both software. This allows the tutorial for Photoshop to be used for GIMP whenever you need to refer to something.

Easily Evolves

Gimp is known to be constantly evolving into something bigger and better. This holds true for many of the things that are in Photoshop and not in GIMP because sooner than later GIMP will also have the feature available for free.

Decreased Download Size

The amount of data that is downloaded is less than Photoshop. This allows for a rapid download and that takes not as much hard drive space that can make it perfect for editing images on a laptop where the amount of space on the hard drive.

Very Resourceful

Although Photoshop is a very resourceful software, it is able to adapt to running on hardware that is outdated or unused. Not only that, but as well as being slow or sluggish. GIMP, however, has been known to be very stable and fast. It installs on any type of computer that runs Unix, Windows, and Mac.

Developed With the User in Mind

Photoshop was originally designed to handle both editing and graphics. This is the reason why it has become full of functions and features that are just useless or are unused. The screen layout is indistinguishable, but can also be customized making it flexible software.

Open Sourced

Being open-sourced easily allows everybody the opportunity to create the type of edited photos that work for them. Users can also have plugins and code for new features that are not needed to be approved first.

Superior Batch Processing

GIMP provides superior batch processing. This feature gets heavily used because of the increased amount of actions that are constantly repeated, so this makes the feature very valuable.

Photoshop’s PSD is able to be saved, edited, and opened through GIMP.

If you’re editing for someone else, it does not matter if they’ve started the job in Photoshop because GIMP can handle the file format.

GIMP Upgrades Are Provided at No Charge

Not only is the GIMP free but so are its upgrades. Unlike GIMP, Photoshop upgrades can take a while to happen and can cost a pretty penny next to the original pricing of it.

Easily Replicate Photoshop without Needing Photoshop

You will find many tutorials at your disposal in regards to rearranging and skinning GIMP in order to feel like Photoshop and its layout.

GIMP On The Go

Being portable allows GIMP to go everywhere you go. Just insert a USB thumb drive to download to and you’re on your way to editing any photo.

So as you can see, there is a lot that is involved with GIMP and the greatest of this starts with the fact that the software is completely free but holds many similarities to Photoshop

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