7 Best Ways To Ease Your Life with Apps and Software

Updated October 6, 2023

Time is definitely very valuable, that’s why we humans like to make the things we do more efficient. We always try to look for solutions that would make things easier for us. Maximizing productivity is key to getting the most out of your day. Also, finishing our tasks faster means we have more time to do more fun stuff that we don’t mind taking our time with.

Thanks to the constant innovation of technology there have been a lot of digital tools that can make tasks simpler. There are apps and software that can help us both professionally and personally.

On top of popular apps that most, here are other apps that you can introduce to your daily routine:

1. RunKeeper

Now that we’re always at home and gyms are closed, those who want to stay fit and healthy would have to resort to  working out at home and RunKeeper can help you with that. Run Keeper is like having your very own personal trainer. You can reach your fitness goals with the running plans offered. You can select different runs at the healthcare dashboard. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, set personal records, or practice for a race, RunKeeper can help you.


Wanderlust is a task organizer. Using the app will allow you to stay on top of everything you have to do. Keeping track of your tasks mentally or putting it on random post-it notes isn’t very efficient. You can easily forget about it and if you put it on random pieces of paper it’s easy to lose it. You can do the typical pen and paper list but having your tasks listed digitally is much better. With wanderlust, you can easily organize all your personal and professional to-dos. There are added features such as setting due dates and reminders so that you can get alerted and never miss a deadline again. You can also sync your wanderlust across all your devices. So that it is accessible whether you’re on your laptop, desktop, or mobile.

3. Calm

A lot is going on in the world right now and everyone is just trying to stay sane in any way possible. Having said that, a lot of people have been trying meditation. Meditation can improve clarity of thought and peace of mind. Basically, Calm is a meditation app. It is easy to use and really helpful for those who need guidance. Calm gives you the gist of what it’s like to go to a meditation class. It’s efficient because you can skip the hassle of travelling to an actual meditation class.

4. Spendbook

You should manage your money as much as you spend it and that’s what Spendbook will help you with. Spendbook is designed to make tracking your finances simple and easy. It  is easy to record your savings and expenses with a Spendbook. You can also label and categorize it so that it is very organized. From monthly or yearly summary to daily expenses Spendbook got you covered.

5. Airtasker

Do you have a task that you’re dreading to do? Let’s face it, everyone would rather do something else than do chores. Well, if you don’t already know, you could hire someone to do your chores for you with just a few clicks on your phone. Outsourcing has been a growing trend. Time is a really valuable resource and people either want to use it to do something productive or fun and by using Airtasker lets you save valuable time. You could use it to have someone buy stuff for you at the store or you could use it to hire someone to clean for you.

6. Google Drive

Out of all the apps or software here, google drive might be the least unheard of. But if you haven’t been using it, this is a sign for you to do so. Hard drives are good to have but having your files in the cloud allows you to access it on any device you have. All you need is internet connection and you’re good to go. Google Drive is a good solution to clear up your laptop, desktop, or phone storage. It just makes things more efficient. Google Drive is hands down very handy. You could also use it to share files. It is useful whether you’re a student or you’re working.

7. Camera +

This is perfect for those who don’t do photography but want good photos. It is a good “hack” that will help you achieve the instagram feed you desire. Camera + is your buddy that could help you turn your photos into something worthy. The app is super easy to use. It really is perfect for beginners.

Using tools for task management is the best way to improve our daily lives.

These are just some of the apps that are really useful. Each of these apps have a different version that does the exact same thing. If these apps don’t work for you, try to look for a different app that has the same function. This is just to show you that apps and software are capable of these functions. Innovation in technology has improved and changed our way of life in so many ways.

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