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GalleryHosted – The Ultra Complete Free Image Hosting Service

Do you wish to host an entire images gallery in few clicks, and then share it with your friends directly or through a website, blog or forum ? Do you even want to give them the possibility to « download » the entire images gallery in one click ? GalleryHosted is made for you.

GalleryHosted is a new breed of image hosting giving the chance to their users to host an entire images gallery, with a lot of original functionalities that no one other web host offers.

free image sharing

Unlike similar services, the galleries are really browsables. A very stylish carousel give to the users a preview of the pictures so they can browse into the gallery easily.

A new technology of image pre-loading avoid the reloading of web pages to display immediately the images. A fast slideshow option is also available. And a grid view feature offers a preview of all pictures of the gallery at once.

Beside, people visiting a gallery can download this one in one single click. The gallery is then stored on your computer in a zip file.

To upload a gallery, users can select multiple images (up to 300) at once. Then, if they register to a free account, they can organize and edit their images galleries the way they want.

About the limitations ? GalleryHosted know none. There is no bandwidth limit, no storage limit and no period limit.

Here you can see an example of gallery: http://www.galleryhosted.com/SFR3HGW8SVRKCNM

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