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700 Dofollow Forums List

dofollow forums

Forums are one of the best places to engage in worthy discussions. Gurus, top earners and even companies participate in forums to keep upto date about the recent happenings. No matter what is your Niche, but you can utilize the power of forums to gain fresh knowledge, updates and information. Apart from all these factors you can get targeted traffic from such forums.

Normally every forum allow you to place your website or blog link in “signature” which can be seen by all the forum readers. Thus whenever you post a reply or post a new thread, your signature is automatically added to it. However in order to get SEO benefits from such forums, you need to engage in forums which are dofollow.

What is Dofollow?

According to MarketingLion.co.uk dofolow means “An Internet term reflecting any link that does not use ‘nofollow’ tag.” Nofollow tag is a tag which tells search engines not to follow a particular link. By default every link is dofollow but it can be made nofollow by adding rel=”nofollow” tag into it.

What are the SEO Benefits of Dofollow Forums?

While engaging in dofollow forums you can get “backlinks” in signature which are considered one of the key factor in ranking a website in search engine result pages. Although Google don’t encourage to participate in forums solely for the purpose of getting backlinks, but you can participate in forums to add value while getting something in return.

A few years back forums were used by spammers to get targeted and dofollow backlinks and that is why Google took action against all the spammers and devalued all those user generated links. The update is know as Google Penguin Update. The main purpose of the update is to discourage spammers from using artificial methods for generating links.

In order to get SEO benefits from forums, always participate naturally and don’t spam it. Otherwise google can devalue all your efforts and your ranking can drop significantly. I have collected list of forums that allow to add dofollow signature links, so grab the list and start adding value in the forums to get seo benefits in return.

Download Dofollow Forum List

700 Dofollow Forums with PR

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