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Updated October 6, 2023

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Imgbox is a new very useful website which allows you to host your images of your classifieds, blogs, websites and forums. Hot-linking and anonymous uploading of images is also available in the website features. The best thing about imgbox is that you get unlimited storage capacity but you can only upload a file having maximum 1o mb of size.

imgbox free image host

The website upload your images in very fast speed, that is because it is using Voxel’s CDN network. If you don’t know about Voxel, let me give you a short info about its service. It is one of the most expensive content delivery network available on internet. It provides the best and fastest service to its clients thus the websites using there service get the most reliable and effective service to offer to its users.

Imgbox Features

  • Hotlinking is very easy
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity
  • Unlimited storage time
  • One of the fastest uploading speed
  • Very easy and simple interface
  • Mobile friendly image browsing
  • Upload upto 10 mb size of file

Another good thing about Imgbox- Free Image Host is that you don’t need to signup to use its service, however if you want to track your uploading files then you can create a free account. Once you upload your images you can share it with your friends using the direct link, bb code or html code.

This is of course one of the best and effective website available for free on internet. Must try its service and do share your valuable thoughts.

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