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Updated October 6, 2023

Some time you would like to upload an image or photo to a image hosting website which needs no registration. OR in case you don’t want to show your online identity then you can use these type of websites, which allows you to upload your images without having registered account with image hosting websites. These are 100% free websites and images uploaded will never be deleted. You will get a link for your uploaded image, and you can then share it with your friends or in forums etc.

Apart from images, you can also upload videos but only legal files. If the file is illegal then you are not  allowed to upload any image or video. You can upload upto 1000 MB of images or videos at a time (This is the limit per upload, varying website to website). You can even delete an image or video uploaded by you. It stores your IP address, so in future if you want to delete images or video you can easily do it.

There are several image hosting websites which that allows you to upload images or videos without having registered account or we can say uploading anonymously. However following are the top useful and free image hosting websites.

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Top 5 Websites to Upload Files Without Registration

1:- Imgur – This is one of the best and popular image hosting website. They allow variety of file types. e.g jpeg, png, gif, pdf, GIMP, TIFF, BMP, XCF and certain file types are automatically converted into jpg. This is perfect hosting site for anyone looking to share photos anonymously.

2:- Turbo Image Hosting – The best thing about this website is that you can upload upto 500 images in a archive file. For example when compress files in a single folder you can upload here, and the website will automatically decompress and upload it for you separately. Each image has to be 25 MB in size.

3:- Free Image Hosting – Upload gif, png, gpg and bmp files here. The maximum file size should not exceed from 3 MB. Registration is not required, however you can register a free account to get access to your uploaded images.

4:- Image Titan – This website allows you to upload upto 100 images at a time. The supported file types are gif, png, jpeg and jpg. The images are stored on high speed dedicated service thus allowing you to share your files anywhere on the web. Maximum file size should be at least 1.5 MB.

Update: There is limit to upload images on ImageTitan.com. You can upload unlimited images. The images uploaded are stored for long period of time.

5:- We Take Pic – This is another free image sharing site where you can upload photos without registration. They also allows you to create free account to get extra features.

There are other image hosting websites available, but these 5 are the best and useful one. If you think there is another great one then you can share here with us. Apart from these useful websites I also shared Picnik- Online photo editing tool that allows you to edit photos in any advance browser like firefox, chrome or opera etc. You can easily edit any image without using any software and then upload it without reveling your online identity.

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  • Thanks for sharing.

  • And now we have Photo-Pick: https://www.photo-pick.com
    It allows to upload any amount of photos, any sizes.
    Can upload and share without registration or with free account.

  • I use image.frl for my pics I want to use on forums. Great free image hosting site, also no registration. I think it’s fairly new, not sure though.

  • You say videos but then only provide image sites…

  • Anup@Hack Tutors

    Good tips. Keep going on 😉

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