13 Best TV Shows And Series Torrent Sites to Download

Updated December 26, 2023

Everyone likes to watch their favorite shows but not everyone can afford to get the popular subscription-based sites. Torrenting sites are the best possible alternative to watching movies,TV Shows and latest episodes of your favorite Serial for free. 

Not only do these sites have high-quality uploads but it also has an extensive library filled with newly launched shows and sports matches. From action to romance, to watching cartoons, choose a new series to binge on by using these Best TV Shows And Series Torrent Sites to Download.

Disclaimer: Torrenting is illegal due to Piracy. It is blocked in most countries. You should avoid accessing sites that are banned in your country to avoid legal issues. This article is for educational purpose only.

13 Best TV Shows And Series Torrent Sites to Download 

Download TV Shows and Series Torrent Sites

The list below contains torrent websites from where you can download TV shows, Serials and much more. In order to download a file from these sites, you must have Torrent Client e.g BitTorrent, UTorrent or Torch. Install any of these application and enjoying torrenting.

If you are having trouble installing torrent client, make sure your Anti Virus is not blocking the installation process. If it is blocking, disable it for a while and try again the installation process.


RARBG Torrent Site for TV Shows

RARBG is a popular torrenting site known for having a diverse collection of TV shows, series, music, and games. The site offers multiple links for a single show allowing its user to thoroughly browse each link and choose accordingly. 

Moreover, RARBG provides a space for users to share their views on the show and share their feedback, giving a sense of community to the site. You can also discuss your favorite shows with other users and critique different characters together.  simplistic and easy-to-use interface makes it easier to browse for shows and discover new content along the way. In short, RARBG makes a great site to torrent your favorite series in high quality. 

2. Torrentz2

Torretz Site for TV Serials

.Unable to find the latest show anywhere on the internet? Don’t worry, you will definitely find it on Torrentz2. Torrentz2 is a popular search engine that is known for hosting more than 60 million torrents on it. Although it is not a direct torrent site it is excellent in categorizing several viable torrent sites that have your desired show or series on it. 

What makes it better than a torrent website is that it sifts through a sea of torrents and gives you a simplified list of some of the best torrent sites that you didn’t even know of. Besides, its user-friendly interface makes browsing effortless. Moreover, it also supports a comment and voting section where users have shared their experience in using certain torrent sites. No need to waste time browsing different torrents when Torrentz2 can do it for you.

3. 1337x

1337x Download TV Shows

1337x is an incredible torrent site that is best known for showcasing the latest tv-shows and movie releases. Since its last makeover, the site has changed its interface in a clean and organized way, enhancing user experience. 

The greatest feature of this torrent is its extensive search function. In the search function, you can find your desired show by filtering category, year, and even type making it easier to locate the classics. Choosing a new show to watch has become the most trouble-free task, given the site’s weekly listing of popular shows in-trend.

4. YTS 

YTS TV Series Download

YTS is one of the best torrent sites in terms of providing speedy downloads. Besides having a comprehensive list of tv shows and series, it also supports high-quality movies. Having a simplified interface with organized icons makes browsing for content much easier. 

You can also choose movies in various resolutions and can also access subtitles in numerous languages. YTS has gained immense popularity for its regular update of content and its quality and speedy downloads. If you are looking for a reliable source to watch your favorite show on, try the YTS torrent website.


EZTV for TV Shows

EZTV is a free torrent site streaming your favorite shows and movies. The site is known for its vast collection of shows and that too being available in high picture quality. Its extensive search filter allows you to find your shows by filtering through the genre, year, and country.

EZTV also has an interactive community sharing their opinion about different shows in the comment section which makes it easy for users to make their decisions. Overall, EZTV is a great choice for movie lovers to stream their favorite movies.

6. Extra Torrents

Extra Torrent

Searching for a torrent site that not only has a diverse collection of shows which supports subtitles? Look no further, Extra Torrents is a great torrent site offering the latest tv-shows, movies, software, games, music, and much more. These tv-shows support subtitles in several languages giving the user accessibility to choose their desired language.

 Moreover, the interface of Extra Torrent is impeccable featuring popular shows and movies on the search page giving users a chance to pick shows from it. If you are looking for a trustworthy site that has exclusive content available and provides speedy downloads then Extra Torrents is the ideal torrent site for you.

7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a leading and one of the long-standing torrent sites giving its services to passionate movie enthusiasts. The site holds a broad collection of popular tv shows, movies, series, and games, all available for streaming and downloading. 

With its extensive search option, finding your long-lost favorite movie is an easy-peasy task.  Its user-friendly interface has a clean and organized category making it easy for users to navigate around titles. Moreover, The Pirate Bay always has new content to offer, thanks to its regulated updates. The comment section of the torrent feels like a community, all putting their two cents on the show, and rating the overall performance.

Even though the site has battled against several copyright claims, it is still one of the most trusted and high-quality torrent sites.

8. Nyaa

Naya Torrent Site

If watching anime is your forte then you are in for a treat. Nyaa is a well-known torrent site offering a vast collection of movies, tv shows, and series, but its primary feature is its unlimited anime collection. These anime are available with top audio and video quality making the hearts of anime lovers happy.

Nyaa has a user-friendly interface with sorted libraries making it easier for the searcher to sift through the titles. In Nysaa, users all around the world share popular anime episodes regularly. With its advanced search filter, finding what you are looking for is accessible. 

9. Demonoid

Demonoid Torrenting Site for TV Shows

Scared you will get in trouble for using a torrent? Demonoid is known for being a secure and trusted platform featuring thousands of popular shows and tv-series.  If you are someone that likes to download a show to watch in their free time, Demonoid is perfect for you. Since it provides its users with a speedy download and smooth performance, making downloading a show feel like a walk in the park.

10. LimeTorrents

Lime Torrents Site

LimeTorrents is a free torrent site offering a vast collection of shows and movies. Not only does this site have a comprehensive library but it also contains classical tv shows. With the simple design of the site and easy-to-manage icons, LimeTorrents is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable site to watch movies.

11. IP Torrents

IP Torrent Site

Want to watch movies but in high quality? We got you covered! IPTorrents is a popular torrent site known for providing premium-quality content. It also has new shows each week as it is updated regularly. You will have to register yourself in the beginning but once you are registered you can keep streaming or download shows without any issues. 

12. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads TV Shows

.Torrent Downloads have been popular for quite a while due to the availability of Bollywood and other native content. Besides movies, the site also focuses on tv shows and series, giving its users an extensive list of genres including comedy, action, and thriller.

With its easy-to-use navigation and regular updates, Torrent Downloads is one great torrent site for downloading shows. 

13. Torlock

Torlock TV Series Download

Torlock is another one of the greatest torrent sites that offer variety in terms of shows, series, and movies. From comedy to thriller, all are available in Torlock. The community in Torlock is very interactive and daily shares episodes of popular content. To make the site secure and reliable for the users, Torlock came up with the proposal of giving 1¢ to anyone who reports a fake torrent file.


Torrent sites are a blessing for movie enthusiasts whose favorite show has been released but are unable to watch it. These sites feature some of the most popular shows that are in-trend making our jobs easier in finding a new show to binge. 

With so many torrent sites on the internet, it is difficult to find which sites are safe and which are harmful. To solve this problem we have come up with the best tv shows and series torrent sites to download that are everything you’ve been looking for. For eBooks, you can check our other list of torrent sites to download ebooks.


Can I download a torrent on my phone?

Yes, you can download torrent sites on your phone if the torrent site is compatible with your device.

Do torrent sites support VPN?

VPN is generally advised to be used while using a torrent as it will mask your address providing privacy. Torrent sites themselves do not provide VPN services.

Is it safe to download files from torrent sites?

You must use Anti Virus or Internet Security software to scan files downloaded from torrent sites. The content shared on torrent sites are not monitored by the moderators.

Is it legal to download files from torrent sites?

It is illegal in most countries because of piracy issue. If the owner or originator for the file has allowed to share on torrent sites, then it is not illegal.

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