31 Best Torrent Sites – Download eBooks and Audiobooks for Free

Updated December 8, 2023

eBooks are still one of the best and authentic source of information in this digital age. Its importance is still as high as in the past ages. Although torrents sites are illegal due to the piracy issues but they still offer lots of useful ebooks for downloads to the users. One can easily download ebooks from torrent sites without any limitations.

The list of the top best torrent sites will help you download free ebooks and audiobooks on your PC. You can download eBooks of many genres such as tales, science fiction, life history, fantasy, travel and so on. For music download, you can use our music download apps guide.

Which Torrent Sites for eBooks and Audiobooks are the ideal?

Download eBooks and Audiobooks Torrents Sites

A lot of things have disappeared because of technological improvements. Books are one item that is always important and required. The books now have an online persona and are far more important than before.

One needs to know so much about the Book Torrents where they may enjoy eBooks and audiobooks for free if they wish to increase their knowledge and quit buying books.

The best feature of torrent sites is the availability of books and audiobooks in a wide range of themes and genres for download. These websites are also perfect for readers of fiction.

List of Best 24 Torrent Sites to Download eBooks.

This compilation will cover nearly all of the greatest torrent sites currently available. The first from the top are the best ones. The top best 25 eBook torrent sites are listed here so you may utilize them to download ebooks.

1. Planet Ebooks

Planet Ebooks Torrents

To find books of great literature you need to download Planet eBook. The website is made up of a sizable library of books where one may access the writings of all notable authors, such as Oscar Wilde, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, and others.

Books are available for individual to download in three different formats which are PDF, ePUB, and lastly MOBI, and they work with almost all PC, iOS, as well as Android devices.

Classic poems, novels, and plays of various genres can be found here. There are close to 50,000 titles available here. Planet eBook is an easy-to-use interface that lets you download books without redirecting the users.

2. ManyBooks


One of the top eBook torrent sites include ManyBooks which has a fantastic user experience and a sizable library of free eBooks.

If you are unable to get your desired eBook elsewhere, you can easily find it here in this torrent site.

ManyBooks is not simply a website where users can download eBooks for free; if the user is a writer, they can leverage the legitimacy of this site to utilize it as a source to advertise their book. 

On this website, you may get more than 50,000 free eBooks. You can browse through several categories to locate what you’re looking for. Authors, genres, languages, recommended, titles, popular, etc. are a few of them.



Ebookee is making a lot of effort to stand out among the greatest Torrent Sites for eBook. It is the ideal place to go for the readers who are searching for books that are more detailed and lengthy than their favorite literary genres or fiction books.

This website has a vast library of books on a variety of topics, including technology, computer programming, tutorials, and a lot more.

 Other convenient sections on the website include “Top 10 Users,” “Recently Viewed,” “Newest Added Books,” and even “Top 10 e-books.”

What else does a reader want? Even extremely difficult technical literature can be found on this website.

4. FreeBookSpot


The FreeBookSpot torrenting eBook website comes fourth on the list of top torrenting sites.

 Despite its cluttered user interface, we advise users not to underestimate this eBook torrent site.

 Moreover 90 categories, including Novels for adults, Agriculture, Biology Science, Algorithms and even Astrology with many others can be found here.

To find books in many languages that are specifically relevant to a given subject, search through the Genres area.

FreeBookSpot’s selection and adaptability make it deserve to be on the fourth slot on our list of best eBook torrent sites.

5. Zooqle


Every reader should be familiar with Zooqle. As it is referred to as the best torrent sites for eBook, which offers a large selection of books, popular TV shows, movies and other entertainment materials.

 However, Zooqle, which was founded in 2013, quickly came into the spotlight with its enormous library of around 3 million torrent files. The database-based interface is simple to use; after selecting your book, you can immediately begin the downloading process.

6. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads, s literally among the best and more established ebook torrenting websites, which is operating normally again after some short outage.

A great list viewing interface featuring in-line information and options is available on TorrentDownloads. Additionally, this website has a fast search function and a number of categories to help you easily find your preferred eBook Torrent.

TorrentDownloads offers thousands of films, TV shows, games, and other media in addition to these eBooks.

7. Smashwords


You may find a wide range of genres, including fiction, erotica, drama, romance and much more, on Smashwords as it is one of the most popular sites for book words. Smashwords is known to be the biggest provider of eBook.

The best thing about Smashwords is that users can use it to publish their books while maintaining complete control over both the published product as well as the price.

The novels are made available on all the major platforms, including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Kobo, and overdrive. But not all of the books are available for ffree, and some require you to pay some fees in order to download them.

8. Free-Ebooks.net


Free-Ebooks.net provides eBooks from thousands of new latest authors for both fictional and non-fictional categories. According to this torrent site, Free-Ebooks.net, new eBooks are added each month to maintain their database with the updated newest books collections or trends.

Additionally, Freee-Books.net offers a well-organized classification of books into many genres and subgenres, such as Action, Romance, Biography, Comics, Economics, Business, Horror, or Fiction, etc.

9. KickassTorrents


KickassTorrents is a one-stop shop for finding a rapid and dependable torrent of your preferred movie, book, game, or any form of music.  Since its launch in 2009, this website has filled the void left by the extremely popular The Pirate Bay when this site was struggling.

The issue with kickass torrent is that they frequently change domains because they came to the attention of law enforcement. Although its proprietor was briefly detained, the website continued to function on different domains.

10. Bookyards


Any individual who has used a variety of torrent websites can easily tell that not all of them are designed to offer users the actual Torrent. There are numerous eBook torrent websites with lots of bloats.

But the most reliable and most orderly eBook torrent website is Bookyards. It was made with the express intention of giving away hundreds of eBooks.

The website administrators have categorized eBooks by author, year of publication, and a number of other criteria.

11. Books-Share.com


Book-Share.com, the greatest service for downloading eBooks through torrent, is also a haven for book lovers everywhere.

The most useful search function and meticulous content classification are this torrent site’s best features. You can conduct a book search by providing the title, author, or main topic of the book.

Numerous categories are available, including Biography, Autobiography, Business & Economics, Education, Cooking, Fictional, Horror, Foreign Language Study, Comics, House & Home, Sci-Fi, Health & Fitness, and a lot more. Remember to utilize a VPN to conceal your identity when visiting any torrent websites.

12. Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent

We are talking about book torrents, thus a website such as Extra Torrent should always be on the list. This website resembles Kickass Torrent quite closely, where one can find a huge selection of e-books, games or even movies.

This site’s ability to offer free RSS subscriptions for every e-book is a crucial component. One doesn’t have be concerned about fees or subscriptions. There is no registration required for downloading books from this website, which makes it even best.

13. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

The eBooks have been uploaded by the website volunteers on this site, Project Gutenberg, which is a free website.

They strive to offer as many excellent e-books as they can. With 57,000 e-books for free, it offers a remarkable library.

Additionally, to reading books online in HTML format, users may download these books in the two separate file types which is EPUB or MOBI.

The four main categories—genre, most well-liked, most recent, and random—allow you to choose your book. Users may start downloading the books right away; there is no need of registration.

14. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The very first torrent websites, The Pirate Bay, has retained its reputation. The Pirate Bay has remained competitive with alternative options despite a number of copyright difficulties as well as the closure of some other websites with similar content.

Only a small percentage of individuals are aware that the pirate bay also has a sizable selection of eBooks in addition to music, films and video games.

The eBooks on this website have been grouped by category, including romance, fiction, autobiography, science fiction, and fantasy.

The absence of viruses is this website’s and its substitute domains’ is the best thing about this site. So, there is no need for concern when downloading from this site.

Although this website may be blocked in some nations, you can still access it through The Pirate Bay’s proxy services!

15. Feedbooks


With more than a million books and the access of downloading many of them for free, Feed Books is the biggest torrent eBook website.

It boasts a sizable library with books in almost all the genres that one can think of. Books can be fictional and nonfictional both.

“Original free books” and “Public free domain books” are two of the primary categories. There is a lot to discover here if you enjoy short stories.

All e-book formats, including EPUB, PDF or MOBI, are available for download. The books include minuscule information like word counts and estimated reading times.

16. Library Genesis

Library Genius

With three million different books with 60 million articles, Library Genius has a huge collection. In order to read all the novels listed on the website, one life is not enough, the collection is that vast.

 This torrent site provides access to electronic books, articles, periodicals, and other content. To choose the preferred book from the enormous selection of books, you must be very sure, so you don’t mix things up. The user interface lacks much instructiveness.

 To choose the eBook, one must either know the title, publisher, or a brief summary. It goes without saying that users may download books in practically any format, including PDF, DOCEPUB, or MOBI.

17. Wikibooks.org

Wikibooks Torrent Downloads

Please be aware that Wikipedia and wikibooks.org are unrelated. The wikibooks is basically another excellent torrent website for eBooks.

This website is a must-visit if your search includes languages other than English, such as Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French or Spanish.

The database is made up of a sizable number of books in many different categories. The Language of the eBook you are looking for and the desired book type must be selected before you can proceed.

18. 1337x


Another torrent website that is well regarded by fans for being great is 1337X. The website offers engaging content for all book lovers. It features a huge library collection with books organized into simple categories.

This website offers more than just books to book lovers; it also includes movies. tv shows, anime, documentaries, music as well as applications.  Millions of users who routinely rely on this site to acquire their favorite entertainment content have so far come to trust it.

19. Demonoid

Demonoid eBook Download

One of the greatest sites for finding links to different is definitely Demonoid. This website’s highly effective search engine may direct you to the appropriate eBook torrenting sites. To use this site to its greatest potential, you might need to register.

You might need to make use of a VPN in order to reach this website because it is blocked in many states.

20. RARBG.to


RARBG.to is other great option to download eBooks for free through torrent. Its consistent availability over the past 11 years, in contrast to other torrent sites, made this website great and reliable among others.

Although the user interface may appear a little perplexing, the end product is fantastic. The top website for downloading free eBook torrents is this one.

21. Seedpeer


It is an effective torrent website with a huge library of books to enjoy. Both the PDF and EPUB e-book formats allow for limitless book downloads.

The best thing about this website is that you don’t have to deal with inconveniences like the signup process or redirecting troubles. Your favorite book can be easily located on this platform because of its user-friendly interface.

22. Torlock


Its authentic material is one thing that is highly recommended. Torlock wants to get rid of bogus material and give users authentically appealing content.

 It includes trusted, high-quality torrents that have been verified. The fact that this website exclusively offers certified torrents is one factor contributing to its high value.

23. 01Torrent


You can easily get the movie or eBook you’re looking for at 01Torrent thanks to its incredibly straightforward and simple design.

The fact that you may download whatever torrent you want on 01Torrent without logging in or registering is an additional perk.

24. E-booksdirectory


E-booksdirectory.com does, as the name implies, offer books, although the selection is not as large. But when it comes to quality, E-booksdirectory is just as good.

The majority of the material found on this website is created by users. You may also add in other resources which you might come across or add in your personal eBooks.

List of Best 10 Torrent Sites to Download Audiobooks.

  • https://audiobookbay.is/
  • https://www.myanonamouse.net/
  • https://www.limetorrents.info/
  • https://zooqle.com/
  • https://www.torrentdownloads.me/
  • https://www.magnetdl.com/
  • https://www.torlock.com/


The list above is the compilation of top best torrent sites to download eBook and audiobooks for free. Nearly every eBook ever published worldwide is available here.

Check the links out and visit the Books part of the search engine to download eBooks and Audiobooks completely free. The best aspect is that you don’t need to seek across several websites or pay money to read books. Pick one of these sites to get eBooks from and get started right now.

You can also make use of safe VPN or even proxy to unblock the sites if you are unable to open any site mentioned above!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I should use torrent sites for eBooks?

These websites offer millions of various eBook torrents organized by genre. Any kind of eBook and audiobook can be downloaded from these websites. Such sites are the ones that students or engineers, etc. most frequently search.

How do I utilize a torrent site for eBooks?

You must visit torrenting websites and search for the eBook you want to download for free. After downloading the torrent, you may set that particular file to torrent software.

Is torrent eBooks secure?

Yes, using these websites to search for, download, and provide original content of high quality from many sources is completely secure. If you are unable to view any websites, connect to a secure VPN instead. Or use VirusTotal.com to scan any downloaded file.

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