What is Freeview?

Updated October 6, 2023

It is likely that you will hear a lot of people talk about Freeview. It is something that is popular in the UK and often referred to when discussing television. But, what exactly is Freeview? Is it something that you already have? There is no doubt that there are a lot of advantages when you have Freeview. From expanding the number of channels you have to avoiding monthly subscription fees. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what Freeview is and whether this is a service you want to invest in.

What is Freeview?

First of all, let’s break down what we mean by Freeview. This is the largest TV platform in the country and around 18 million homes currently enjoy having Freeview. It is a popular television service that is going to work with any television you have at home and give you access to a lot of shows and movies. The idea is that you can do this for free once you have a digital aerial and Freeview box.

Freeview is operated by DTV Services Ltd, launching back in 2002. It is capable of working with a variety of different aerials. For example, you can have an indoor aerial if you have a strong signal in a city, as well as having a loft-mounted or external aerial. The best option for you is going to depend on where you live and how good the signal is.

The Benefits of Freeview

Now, it is time to look at the benefits of Freeview. There are definitely a lot of them and we are only going to cover a few. So, let’s look at the main advantages you can enjoy when you have Freeview in your home.

It Is Free

Just as the name suggests, Freeview is a free service you can enjoy. This is what makes it appealing to a lot of people. Of course, there are things that you are going to need to purchase first to enjoy Freeview. But, the main point we are making is that there are no monthly fees or subscriptions you have to pay. Once you layout the initial fees for installation, you are ready to go and do not have to worry about future charges. This is going to be a plus point if you are on a budget and do not want to spend a fortune on television.

Namely, the money you pay to enjoy Freeview is installing an aerial if you do not have one. In addition, you can purchase a Freeview box and this is going to allow you to enjoy more channels.

A lot More Channels

Nowadays, people do not just want to watch one or two channels. They want a selection to enjoy so that they can find things they want to watch and catch up with their favourite programmes. The good thing about Freeview is that you are going to add some many more channels to your television. There are around 60 additional television channels, as well as 12 in HD for a better viewing experience. You can also enjoy up to 25 radio channels too. Considering this is a free service, we think that this is a fantastic deal and one that is going to bring a lot of entertainment to any home.

It is Easy to Set Up

Another reason why a lot of people like Freeview is that it is simple and easy to set up. You do not need a lot of professional help with this one, which means that your costs are going to stay down. All that is required is that you connect your Freeview box. As long as you have an aerial, there is not going to be anything else for you to do but connect it to your television and aerial. Then you are going to be ready to watch all of the extra channels you have. There will be some on-screen instructions that you will have to follow when you first get Freeview. But, this is going to guide you through the process of using it for the first time and you will not have to worry in the future.

There are Catch-up Channels

Did you miss your favourite show when it was on television? With Freeview Play, you can catch up on the shows you have missed. This is going to allow you to watch catch-up television players all in one place. All you are going to need is an internet connection and you can view them on your television.