How Can I Track My Daughter’s Phone For Free

Updated October 6, 2023

I was recently discussing with a fellow parent on how I can track my daughters’ phone. The parent whose daughter goes to the same school as mine gave me some advice on using a free tracking system that is available online.

We both have teenage daughters and it is essential to monitor their mobile phone use. We discussed this at length and I decided to do some more research online using the website that she provided.

There was some useful information on tracking services provided free in the website.

1) Why Do Parents Need To Monitor Their Child’s Phone?

Your child’s safety is paramount when you are a parent. As such, when you get a smartphone for your child, you know that you can keep in touch with your child at any time or place.

However, smartphones come with features that can be both useful and harmful for your child. Your child can use Google maps if they are lost to locate your home, school research can be done using the smartphone, and your child can also call or message you at their convenience.

However, with the internet, your child is likely to come into information that can be detrimental to their development. This includes pornography, and material not meant for a young child.

Therefore, you can manage to counter such problems by using a free mobile tracker. In addition, you are able to track your daughter’s movement from the time they leave your home.

Here are some of the features I needed to track my daughter’s phone provided by a free mobile tracking system.

1.1 Track calls

How to Track Calls

Upon installation of a mobile tracking system to your daughter’s phone, you are able to save conversations that your daughter has with her friends.

You get information on time and date of any incoming, outgoing, or missed call routed to your daughter’s phone.

1.2 Manage SMS

Track Whatsapp Messages

Once you have used the mobile tracking system on your daughter’s phone, SMS and MMS conversations can be saved on a device of your choice.

Therefore, you are able to see these messages in real-time and learn more about your daughter’s social life.

1.3 Track Internet History

One of the reasons why I needed to track my daughter’s phone was the internet. There is so much that happens on the internet today.

With social media, chat rooms, and chat Apps, you never know whom your daughter is talking to online. In order to ensure the safety of my daughter while she is online, I managed to get the mobile tracker system. In addition, I did not want my daughter going through adult pornography sites that could confuse her development as a child.

With this feature, you have Viber Spy, Facebook Spy, Cell phone Spy, WhatsApp Spy, and Snapchat Spy. These will help you to track how your daughter uses the applications and ensure that they are safe in their communication with strangers.

1.4 Geo-location Feature

Tracking Location

The geo-location feature was another reason why I needed to track my daughter’s phone. Sometimes, teenagers are not straightforward with their movements when away from the house.

As such, this feature was essential, as you are able to know the location of the persons whose phone you have tracked. I would have peace of mind knowing that after calling my daughter, the mobile tracker confirms the location she says she is at presently.

Having gone through these features, to successfully track my daughter’s phone, I decided to install the program on my daughter’s phone. I followed these steps.

2) How to install the program on your child’s phone

To install the program, you first need to sign up to the website that provides the mobile tracking system. I visited the website and signed up for free.

To do so you need to input your email address and choose a password. Once you verify your email address, you can log in to your account and move forward to installation.

The next step is to log in to your account and install the application from your snoopza account to your child’s smartphone. This should take you only a few seconds.

3) What you can see after installing the program

Once you have installed the application, you can now track your child’s phone location, messages, web history, screenshots, and calls.

After the installation, your peace of mind is guaranteed as you have all the information going through your child’s mobile phone. You get this information once you log in to your snoopza account.

4) How we needed the program in a difficult situation

Many people were curious as to why I wanted to track my daughter’s phone. However, as mentioned earlier, smartphones have many features that can be either useful or harmful to your child. In addition, tracking your child’s mobile phone can be advantageous in various situations.

When you have a teenage child, chances are that they will want to go out with friends from time to time. Therefore, you need to track their movement. In case your daughter or teenage son happens to go out and is unsure of their location, they are at an advantage.

First, they can use Google maps to try to check their current location and call you. Another advantage is that you can find out where they are using the geo-location feature that the cell phone tracker offers in case your child does not know how to use online maps.

You can also provide informed advice once you realize that your child may be visiting the wrong chat rooms using the smartphone or going through pornography sites online. As such, your peace of mind is guaranteed.

5) Conclusion and result

Based on the research above, it is clear that the main reason why I track my daughter’s phone was to guarantee her safety. The features ensure that I know not what my daughter does with her phone, I also know her location, and get some information on her social life.

I am able to make some informed decisions when giving advice to my daughter about her life based on the data collected using the cell phone tracker snoopza.

Therefore, I find that it is not a violation of privacy; rather, it is a way to safeguard my child’s safety by ensuring I track my daughter’s phone.

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