Smarter Contact Review: How SMS Marketing Got Smarter

Updated October 6, 2023

In this product review, we will take an up-close and personal look at Smarter Contact. Founded by entrepreneur Adam Nasir, the SMS/Omnichannel messenger platform strives to deliver a simple and effective SMS marketing solution.

What is Smarter Contact?

Described as the highest converting SMS Platform, Smarter Contact offers a streamlined approach to SMS marketing. Let’s check out the main features:

  • 2-Way Messaging

Say goodbye to unanswered calls and emails. Smarter Contact enables businesses to reach customers directly via mobile phone SMS messages using customized templates.

  • CRM & Integration

Powerful built-in customer relationship management (CRM) software facilitates effective communication with current and prospective clients. Businesses also benefit from integrations with the industry-leading tools via Zapier.

  • Impressive Automation

Keep track of marketing campaigns easily. Use the pre-built messaging campaigns to automate responses. The intuitive calendar system allows businesses to conduct speedy follow-ups on customer leads.

  • Assess Leads

The customizable grading system enables businesses to classify leads as hot, warm or cold.

  • Skiptracing

Smarter Contact uses cutting-edge geo-location data to ensure accuracy. Businesses can expect high hit rates and competitive prices.

Why Use SMS Marketing Software?

You can contact existing and potential customers by calling or sending an email, but neither methods are overly successful. Emails may reach your target audience but they don’t hit the mark. Figures indicate that of all the marketing emails sent, only  20% are opened by the recipient.

It’s a similar story for cold calls. Team members can spend precious time ringing numbers, only to be met by endless ringtones and answering machines. Let’s face it, people are busy. They have work commitments, family issues, hobbies, chores, and social occasions to deal with. There simply isn’t time to chat on the phone or to read long-winded emails.

This is where effective and efficient SMS marketing comes into its own. Used in the right way, SMS messages can help you to connect with current and potential customers, share news and updates and boost profits.

Most of us carry cell phones with us wherever we go. We might not answer every call or open every email that pings onto our screen, but we do regulalry read text messages.

Research indicates text messages over 99% are opened by recipients, and usually within two minutes of their receipt. This is due to the fact that text messages are usually short, sweet and easy to read. They also feel personal, as we often receive texts from friends and family.

How to use Smarter Contact

Smarter Contact has been designed with simplicity in mind. Reach your clients via their mobile phones, rather than wasting time on unanswered emails and calls. With a 98% open rate, you can communicate effectively with your leads and consequently, close more deals.

As the name suggests, Smarter Contact is all about building a robust contact list, and you do this via the CRM. This allows you to keep all of your leads in one place, rather than having everything scattered across various platforms.

You can utilize the Smart Contact SMS marketing service via a few clicks, creating a bespoke SMS marketing campaign and connecting with your target audience. Mobile skip tracing can increase your response rate by a whopping 157% and the calendar system means you can schedule follow ups.

Who is Smarter Contact For?

Smarter Contact enables you to close more deal faster, and the software is useful for a wide range of industry and business sectors, including:

  • Sales & marketing
  • Real estate investment & sales
  • Event promotion
  • Automotive
  • Health & fitness
  • Finance & lending

Businesses use Smarter Contact to reach out to a variety of people. The software is particularly useful for businesses who:

  • Are keen to build a rapport with existing customers
  • Would like to attract prospective clients
  • Want to connect with targeted clients
  • Are finding it difficult to keep and attract customers.

Smarter Contact – Bigger Benefits:

Smarter Contact is easy to use and can boost your contacts. The platform offers plenty of benefits:

  • Receive credit-bureau rated information on potential leads
  • Automate SMS marketing, enabling messages to get to the right people
  • Send all types of messages including generic and personalized
  • Schedule the date and time of message delivery
  • Use pre-designed templates and auto-replies for ease
  • Check replies via the interface and respond in person or via auto-reply
  • CRM integration (connect with CRM software)
  • Utilize the report function to generate analytics on messages and campaigns

How is Smarter Contact Different?

There are several SMS marketing companies out there, but Smarter Contact stands out as a professional outfit, and they have taken the time to check out their competitors!

Smarter Contact has broken down the fundamentals of SMS marketing, looking at how other companies have gone wrong. Determined to avoid making the same mistakes, Smarter Contact then set about improving procedures and guarding against faults.

Intuitive Design

Fuss and frills seemed to be causing customer confusion, Smarter Contact was keen to steer away from that by providing a simple and refined marketing tool.

The software is designed to be intuitive, so you can put together tailor-made campaigns in no time at all. There are plenty of options and you can produce templates with ease.

Effective Skiptracing

Smarter Contact also stands out for its well-designed skip tracing feature. All information provided is precise and comprehensive, and the contacts are corroborated to ensure details are factual and accurate.

Does Smarter Contact Provide Value for Money?

The company may offer an effective service, but does Smarter Contact provide value for money too? There are three transparent pricing structures, and the price depends on the type of service you opt for. There’s an option to pay monthly or annually (pay annually and you get two months free): Here are the packages:

  • Basic package:

The basic package will set you back $99 per month and will allow access to the key features, plus 3000 messages per month at $0.03 per message.

  • Pro package:

The pro package costs $199 per month and allows access to the key features, plus a couple of advanced options. You get 7500 messages and each costs $0.025

  • Elite package:

The elite package is priced at $299 per month and offers unlimited messaging with a very low fee of $0.02 per message.

Is Smarter Contact for You?

Smarter Contact is a popular marketing SMS platform, it might be just the thing for your business if want to:

  • Harness the full potential of marketing messages
  • Save time
  • Expand your customer base and grab a larger share of the market
  • Build viable connections with customers old and new.

Smarter Contact offers a free, no-obligation 7-Day trial so why not give it a go yourself?

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