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10 Top Tech Gadget Websites that you can use as a Template for your new Website

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With a little creativity, you can use ideas from websites of some of the top tech firms to create your own stunning, high-tech site. Major technology companies pay thousands or more for tried and true design elements with innovative twists, [...]

The 7 Most Important Parts of a Good Logo [Infographic]


Knowing how to create a logo is like knowing how to build a house. Your house needs to have the proper parts to make it work—like a door so you can go inside, a roof to keep the weather out, [...]

Do the Right Research before Purchasing a Premium WordPress Theme


The famous English idiom “Beauty is only skin deep” which eludes to looking beyond the beauty of a person by understanding what their character is inside can also be applied to the world of web design. Too many people choose [...]

The Benefits of Hosting Your Website on a Dedicated Server

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Buying a new hosting plan may be difficult for people who are less experienced with different types of servers. Most hosting companies generally offer cheap hosting plans that start from as little as £10. These are extremely popular amongst website [...]

Why You Should Plunge For Dedicated Server Hosting?

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Internet has emerged to be fiercely competitive in recent times, and it is rather tough for any business to survive, unless of course they have paid full attention to every aspect of their website. One of the major considerations is [...]

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in India

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With advancements in internet technology and growing popularity of web based businesses in India, there is an increased need for good web hosting companies and plans. Within India, a huge number of reliable web hosting companies function and offer their [...]