5 Neat Tips To Take Care of Your iPhone 4

Updated October 6, 2023

iPhone 4 may be a pricey phone but guess what. It is not as indestructible as you think. You need to care for it like it’s your baby.

I have read news online that people tried to smash it with a baseball bat or microwave it. Come on. What were they possibly thinking? I know that you will not resort to those idiotic ideas because you love your phone. You won’t even stumble across this post if you are not looking for tips to take care of your beloved iPhone 4. Anyhow, below are tricks you can do to lengthen its life.

DO NOT download bazillion applications

I am sure that many people are guilty of this crime. After buying their phones, they immediately download every app available. Why is this problem?
Since most of the apps are updated over 3G, it will take reeeeally long during your routinely update. In addition to this problem, too much app will clutter your phone and take too much of your space. Instead, invest on important apps that are useful in your daily life.

Checkout a few iPhone Project Management Apps and Driving Apps.

Lengthen your battery life

Using too much of your phone will drain out your battery in less than a day. To prevent this, you can enable your battery percentage by going to Settings, General, Usage, and selecting “Turn On Battery Percentage”.
This will help you determine your battery’s life. Second, you can refrain from using draining features like notification services or wifi. Disable them until you use them. You can manage the brightness of your screen as well by selecting “Turn on Auto Brightness” feature.

Protect your phone from water and concrete

Water is any gadget’s worst enemy so please keep your phone from the washing machine, rain, or the toilet. Aside from water, concrete is another foe of the iphone4. One fall to the concrete will break the glass of this phone. I suggest that you buy casings that are waterproof and shock-resistant. Purchase screen protectors for the glass in front and in the back to protect from scratches. Or better yet, be extremely cautious when handling your phone.

Handle the cord with care

Believe it or not, the connector cord that comes with the package is really fragile so please handle it with utmost care. Never pull or tug it to detach the cord as this will damage it.

Keep your phone password-protected

This is the most fundamental rule that should not be forgotten when it comes to securing your phone. If you happen to lose your phone, finders cannot have the luxury of viewing your files since you have set a password. You can do this by selecting Settings, General, and then “Passcode Lock”.

The iPhone 4 may be top-of-the-line but it is not perfect. It has vulnerabilities too. So if you know how to take care of your phone, it will surely live long with you. So what are you waiting for? Follow the tips in this post now and apply them to your phone.

Good luck and take care!

Author’s bio: Marcy Gray is a tech writer who likes to take care of her gadgets. In addition, she writes about various topics such as Stroller and pram and Removing Skin Tags Yourself

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