Top 10 Financial App for IPhone

Updated October 6, 2023

Some time back before the introduction of IPhone and smartphones, it was very hard for one to keep track of his or her expenses and find nearby groceries. As time went by and IPhones came alive, people started embracing it and experiencing the ease of life that was coming with it. IPhone has evolved from the phone that was used only for making calls but has grown to be a business partner to many people. This is because many people are using their smart phones and iPhones to do many things including doing online transactions with them.

iphone business apps

Some of the applications that many people are enjoying are financial apps that help you in doing so many things. Some of these applications are-

  1. Bloomerberg mobile: this application helps you keep track of the financial market in real time. It is involved in giving you up to the second news on what is selling and what is droping in the Wall Street trading system. This way, you can monitor your shares and make sales with the application. This is a necessary application if you are a trader and like to know how stocks are performing.
  2. Mobile banking app: with the age that we are living in and everything going online, banks have come up with mobile banking that helps you track your account from anywhere. The mobile banking app makes sure that you can track your balances in the bank. It uses an advanced encryption to make sure that your data is not stolen by malicious people. It also keeps you updated with the nearest ATM in case you need one.
  3. PayPal app.  Many of the people nowadays have taken into making online payments and purchases with their mobile phones. This has seen to the development of the PayPal application to help you access your PayPal account and enable you do all your transactions with your phone.
  4. The loan shark app: as the financial status of many people gets worse, many people have found themselves victims of loan overdrafts and being unable to pay for them. The loan shark helps you track your loans their interest rates. This application can help you monitor your mortgages and know how close you are to paying it off.
  5. Splash money app: this application helps you in keeping track of your accounts and creating budgets on the same. The good thing with it is that it can connect wirelessly to many of the banks around.
  6. Day bank app: this application helps you in making transactions while you are on the move. With the help of the iPhones camera, you can take snapshots or receipts as you receive and make payments.
  7. Pennies app: this application is useful especially if you are a spend thrift. It tracks your expenses and tracks them. Another good feature with this application is that it can take a rough calculation how much you spend in a month.
  8. Billminder app: with this application, you can track all your bills and never miss a bill that you should take care of. With this application, you can have a rough estimate of how much you are owed.
  9. Grocery gadget: this application helps you in identifying the closest grocery store near you and saves you the time you would have taken driving around looking for one.
  10. Fuel finder: in the case where you are running out of gas, this application will try to locate the nearest gas station via a GPS and give you directions to the same.

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