5 Best iPhone Driving Apps You Must Try

Updated October 6, 2023

I have wrote about several iphone apps related to different categories. I personally love ot use different applications on my iphone. iPhone has lots of free applications that you can use to enhance your experience with iphone. For example apps for your road trip, a few iphone project management apps and so on. In this post i am going to share a few iphone driving apps that will surely help when you are driving your car or limo from limofind.com..

iPhone Driving Apps

1. iCar Park

iphone driving apps

The iCar Park app is designed to help users remember where they have parked their car. In its simplest form, users just need to click once to record the location of their car and then click again when they want to return to their vehicle so that iCar Park can navigate them back to their parking location. This is particularly useful when parking in unfamiliar areas or in large, multi-storied car parks. There are also further functions which allow the user to make notes regarding the parking space and record which level, section, row or spot you have parked in should you park in a multi-story car park for example. Users can also use this app to keep track of time when using a parking meter. You can record the time you park and the time you need to return to your vehicle by, and the app produces a countdown detailing the time you have left remaining on the meter.


2. TomTom Sat Nav

tomtom apps

There are plenty of sat nav apps available for the iPhone which makes the task of choosing between them difficult. Both Navigon and CoPilot have released apps that work well but the best of them all has to be the TomTom app. Whilst it may be one of the more expensive sat nav apps, it is also the most polished. It is very easy to use, with clear menus and a number of different destination search options. Priced at £49.99 for the UK and Ireland maps version, there are other versions available for roads around the world. A car kit which is priced at £99.99 is also available to purchase. It allows users to securely fix their iPhone to their windscreen or dashboard and enhances the GPS signal whilst also charging the iPhone whilst in use.


3. Car Care

carecare iphone applications

The Car Care app is a great app for calculating fuel economy. It can calculate fuel economy based on both gallons and litres and miles and kilometres and displays costs in a number of different currencies making this app suitable for use around the world. At first, all users have to do is input the price per gallon/litre, the type of fuel they are using, how many gallons/litres they put in their vehicle (cost for that fill will then be displayed), and the current odometer reading for their car. Then, the next time they fill up, the app will be able to calculate the MPG, with an option being to display these figures in graphs. The app also records the locations of where you get gas/fuel. A further use for the app is to set reminders for car services and other motoring related appointments but its main use is recording all aspects relating to fuel economy.


4. Green Flag

iphone applications

A free app that has a few different uses, the Green Flag app is predominantly designed for use should your vehicle break down. In the event of a breakdown, users can use the app to establish their exact location using GPS and then click ‘Rescue Me’ for direct contact with Green Flag. Another great function of the app is the ‘Traffic Updates’ function which allows users to pinpoint a location and then identify any incidents that may affect travelling times. There is also the ‘Remind Me’ feature which is designed to remind users when their road tax, MOT, car insurance and other annual road costs need to be made and the ‘Driving Advice’ feature which is designed to help people stay safe on the roads with driving tips and advice. Created for drivers in the UK, the Green Flag app is undoubtedly one of the most useful to download.


5. DriveSafe

drivesafe apps

As the name suggests, the DriveSafe app is designed to make driving safer. The way it does this is by reading text messages and emails out loud in real time as users receive them. The best part about this app is that users don’t have to touch their mobile phones to activate this, ensuring that drivers don’t get distracted by texting or emailing whilst on the move in their vehicle. The app has the capability to read out text shorthand such as ‘LOL’ and ‘BRB’ and users can create their own auto-response to any texts or emails they receive whilst they are driving. The app is currently only available in the US but there are said to be plans to release the DriveSafe app in other countries in the near future.


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