How to Get the Best from Your Broadband Dongle?

Updated October 6, 2023

Like most mobile internet users, I rely on a mobile broadband dongle to be able to use the internet and the quality of service I get is often dependent on how reliable my dongle it. The problem with using a broadband dongle is that many people visit their ISP, subscribe to a package and collect the dongle they are given and then resign to their fates even if the quality of the service they are getting isn’t satisfactory. The thing about using broadband dongles is that there’s always room for improvement and you can be sure of getting significant speed if you take the right measures. I have been accessing the internet via broadband dongles for years now, I have made a few tweaks myself and I have read a lot of study on how broadband dongles work. I’ll be sharing tips with you in this article on how to get the best from your broadband dongle.

1# Test a Few Other Dongles

I have been using the same broadband dongle for 2 years now until one of my dongles had a problem late last year. I still had enough data left on my spoilt dongle and didn’t want to get a new dongle so I decided to remove my SIM card from the damaged dongle and I configured it with a dongle I use with another ISP. The result was stunning; I noticed an increase of up to 200% in the speed I was getting with this new dongle compared to the old dongle. In other words, while my ISP offer high speed internet service they were selling a low-speed dongle so a lot of people can’t discover how fast their network is. This new dongle made me realize how fast their network is and thus resulted in an increase in the download speed I’m getting.

Don’t just rely on the same dongle your ISP sells you; their network might be capable of a lot more so make sure you test dongles from other broadband providers to see how the speed scales.

2# Try a New Provider

Sometimes, your dongle is okay but your ISP is irritatingly slow, but you can’t know for sure unless you give it a try. Another approach you can take to ensure you get faster internet access is to try a new internet service provider. You might not be sure about the speed of a particular ISP but you can borrow the SIM card of a friend and try it in your dongle before you go for it; that way you will be able to see how the speed scales when compared to your ISP and as a result make an informed decision.

3# Install a Dongle Antenna

Sometimes, the dongle is good and the network is okay but your location is a problem. What then should you do in a situation like this?

There are a lot of dongle antennas available for sale online and you can easily find one in your local antenna store. Dongle antennas can do a lot to boost your internet speed and as a result ensure your internet browsing experience.

Author Bio:- Paul is a mobile and broadband expert who helps people get the best dongle.

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