mSpy App Review – The Spy App for Tracking Phone – 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Chances are that you are here trying to know if mSpy offers tracking features that are worth your money. If yes, you are at the right place as we are about to discuss a detailed mSpy app review – the spy app for tracking phone in this article.

This tracking and monitoring software has been the talk of the town for offering exceptional functions. But is all the hype real or just havoc created by fake reviewers? You will learn this here, along with multiple things about mSpy that you must know, like its legitimacy, features, pricing, free trial, and a lot more.

So let’s not waste much of our time and dig deeper into our unbiased and users-reviews based mSpy discussion.

What is mSpy?

As its name suggests, mSpy is a tracking application available for both Android and iOS users. It has been serving the monitoring needs of millions of users for more than a decade now. The app was founded back in 2010, which means it has been there in the market for almost 13 years.

In this course, the application has got a great reputation as tracking software, especially for parental control. You can easily install it on the target device and keep tabs on the online activity of its users.

mSpy has also helped business owners maximize productivity as it lets them track their employees’ activity, ensuring they only work during office hours and do not indulge in any unnecessary activity.

Over the years, the app has improved in terms of its functionality, interface, and ease of use, making it one of the top choices of parents, spouses, and business runners for tracking their respective targets.

How Does mSpy Work?

mSpy is a cell tracking software that monitors all the activities of the target phone. It works like a personal detective; it gathers all the useful details from the target smartphone and sends it to the user.

Mainly, it is used by concerned parents who want to ensure the safety of their kids on the internet. However, the robust feature suite of mSpy makes it useful for plenty of other users as well. For instance, spouses who doubt their cheating partners utilize it to know what’s the truth.

In terms of functionality, the app’s usability is quite intuitive and works on most devices (except old OS versions). The program sits silently in the target device’s background and tracks various things, such as social media apps, location, and more.

mSpy will then send the data file to an email account that’s only visible to you. From there, you can view all the collected data and even adjust the settings to receive alerts for specific activities.

Is mSpy Legit?

Many users who have had experience with tracking software might know that almost all the applications promise big but fail to deliver. Meanwhile, some can track effectively, but their features are limited only to location monitoring, and they charge hefty rates for that.

Therefore, before writing this review, we thoroughly tested the app ourselves to ensure it works just the way it claims. After comprehensive checking, our final verdict is definitely in favor of mSpy, as it works just as promised and is legit as well.

This means when you’re using the app, there’d be no risk of any security breach. Meanwhile, you can monitor your kid’s exact online activity and location in real-time. The best part about mSpy is that its developers keep introducing updates regularly to fix any bugs and introduce new features. So you can keep running it as a parental control means smoothly.

In fact, customer support is also top-notch and available most of the time to resolve your issues with the application’s operations.

How to Set Up mSpy?

How to Set Up mSpy

Here’s what you need to set up mSpy on your device:

  • Compatible operating system
  • Physical access to the target phone
  • An active internet connection

However, there’s an exception to the rules when it comes to the iPhone. You don’t need physical access if you have the target device’s iCloud credentials.

Note: The iCloud method only works when there is no two-factor verification activated on the target mobile phone.

We tested the app with an Android-powered Samsung smartphone (no root or jailbreak). Here’s how you can activate mSpy on your phone:

  • Navigate to the official website of mSpy and tap the Try Now button.
  • Enter your email address and select a subscription plan according to your needs and budget.
  • Open your email inbox to get access to the login credentials. Now login to your mSpy account by entering the email and password you just received.
  • Go to the dashboard and select Android as the target device and input the target’s name, age, and device model. Copy the download link to utilize in the future.
  • On the target phone, launch the Google Play Store App and navigate the Play Protect options under the settings.
  • Disable the Scan Apps with Play Protect and Improve Harmful App Detection options.
  • Open the browser on the target phone and paste the link (copied earlier) in the search bar.
  • Verify the captcha and download the mSpy APK file. Then, open the APK file to install the app.
  • Finally, launch mSpy once it’s installed and toggle on Enable mSpy Monitoring.
  • Select the option labeled Make the App Undetectable and disable the notification for the Update Service. Mark the checkbox saying Hide the App Icon.
  • Lastly, enter the registration code from the website dashboard, tap Complete Installation, and confirm by clicking Ok on the notification.

Features of mySpy App

Features of mySpy App

There are several spying apps in the market, but only a few can compete with mySpy due to its high standards and quality customer service. By reading these features, you will believe what makes mySpy– a good spying app for your needs.

1. Monitor Conversations and View Call Stamps

Monitor Conversations and View Call Stamps

Worried about who your child is having these long calls with? Rest assured, with mySpy, you can track all the outgoing and incoming calls along with the time stamp and duration of each call. You can also retrieve the details like phone numbers, names, and other related information of the person whom your kid is talking with.

This feature has helped many parents save their children from becoming a victim of pedophiles. Some parents found out that their kid was involved in drugs and alcohol and was in regular contact with drug dealers. Although invasion of privacy is unethical, saving your kid from potential dangers is far more important.

2. Track Keywords

Track Keywords

Another great feature mySpy app has included is a keyword tracker. With this feature, you can find out what topics your child is conversing on. For example, you can add certain words, phrases, or slang you want the app to track. If your child uses these words in the text or searches it up on the internet, you will be notified through email.

This is to prevent your kid from searching for potential risks or illegal activities. You can set keywords like drugs, gangs, alcohol, bullying, kill, etc. This informs parents earlier on their child’s interests so they can address these topics before it becomes a bigger threat.

3. Restrict and Control Messaging Apps

Restrict and Control Messaging Apps

From accessing major messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, etc., to being able to view a complete list of apps that are installed on your child’s device. With mSpy, you are in full control. You can review the apps that are installed and rule out those that are inappropriate or concerning.

With this feature, parents can learn about their kid’s interests and app usage. Moreover, they can set restrictions on apps if they find them unsuitable. For example, if your son is playing a game nonstop that involves mainly violence, then you can altogether block it from his phone. You can also control these elements remotely without causing suspicions.

4. Get Live Locations and Create Geofence

Get Live Locations and Create Geofence

mySpy is a nice app to track your child’s whereabouts. We can understand how important it is for parents to know if their child has safely reached school or a friend’s place. Not only can you see live locations, but you also get an overview of all the places your kid has been throughout the day.

Geofencing is a vital feature of mySpy through which you can set “virtual zones” or “safe boundaries” for your child. Whenever your kid leaves or enters these zones, you will be notified via email. This will help you know about the well-being of your child and that they have safely reached their destined location.

GPS and Geofencing are also significant in times of emergency. If, God forbid, your child has not reached home or you are unable to contact them, you can track their last location with the app.

5. Access Complete Browser History

Access Complete Browser History

The Internet is a wild space that can ruin your kid’s innocence way earlier if not controlled. This is why keeping an eye on the sites your child is visiting, and the content he or she is viewing is very important.

With mySpy, you can have a complete record of the browser history of each site your child has searched for and opened with attached links. There is also a bookmark option where you can view your kids’ most visited and saved websites.

You have access to block sites that are unsuitable for your child. Moreover, you can also set a list of links that you don’t want your child to open again. 

6. Monitor Screen Activity Through Screen Recording

The screen recording feature in the mySpy app is for parents to keep tabs on their child’s screen activity. You will receive an alert every time the screen changes and a new app opens. Through screen recording, you get to see new messages and recent browsing as well. This is a useful way of detecting inappropriate behavior and potential risks.

Screen recording helps parents to take quick action at the time to prevent unnecessary damage. Such as, if you see your child giving personal details about themselves or sharing intimate moments with a stranger, you can intercept and stop this act.

7. View Calendar and Monitor Events

View Calendar and Monitor Events

To know what schedules your child has and where he is planning to go, along with details like location, and contact list, you can monitor your kid’s calendar and email via mySpy. From the control panel, it’s possible to access all the sent, received, drafted, and even deleted emails.

Besides knowing your kid’s plans, you can also see if he or she is keeping up with their studies and deadlines. You can intervene if you find a hangout that is dangerous for your child. Through email, you can observe who your child is interacting with and his manners of conversation.

8. Keep a Check on Social Media Apps

Keep a Check on Social Media Apps

Parents try as much as possible to protect their kids from cyberbullying, nudity, violence, and whatnot. With mySpy, you can keep a check on what’s being shared on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Know what types of videos and images are being sent and received on your kid’s device. You can block inappropriate accounts that are spreading hate or questionable content in general.

9. Invisible Mode

Invisible Mode

You wouldn’t want your kid to know that you are keeping tabs on their screen activity. Children don’t understand the troubles they can get into if they use the internet carelessly. Therefore, them finding the app will cause unnecessary issues, which is why mySpy works silently. You can access all the logs, emails, and browsing history and even manage apps without them knowing.

mySpy is a wonderful monitoring app that has solved unlimited parents’ worries about their child’s well-being and mental health. With such useful features, you can now install mySpy without a doubt.

mSpy Free Trial and Demo

Users love a lot of things about this tracking application, but what they rave the most about is its free trial. Due to this, you can try all the features without paying anything and then make a satisfactory decision based on whether it can fulfill your needs.

Here’s all that you need to know about mSpy free trial.

The trial is basically available for a week, i.e., seven days, and doesn’t restrict any feature. In fact, you can use every tool from the beginning without any limitations. It’s the perfect chance to learn how advantageous the app is for you and whether it deserves the amount that it charges.

All you have to do is launch your browser and search to get started. In the next step, select a suitable subscription plan that you may want to use after trying the app for free. And then select the Free Trial option. Using a tracking service can never get simpler than this.

The best part is that you can easily cancel the subscription before your free trial gets over in case you don’t want to purchase the plan. Similarly, keep the subscription as it is if you like the features and want to avail yourself of this monitoring tool’s exceptional capabilities.

mSpy Refund Policy

If you feel the app isn’t living up to your expectations, you can easily cancel the subscription and get your money back. But this comes with limitations as the company allows a refund only if you cancel the plan after 14 days of purchasing it.

All you need to do is contact the customer support team and give them a valid reason for canceling the plan. For example, you can tell them about any feature you didn’t like or the pricing isn’t aligning with your budget. In most cases, they will return your amount back to your account in just a few business days.

Although it’s rare for someone to cancel the plan once they start using mSpy, it’s still a feature that users like, especially when they are uncertain about using tracking software.

mSpy Pricing

mSpy Pricing

One thing that you must know before using mSpy is that it isn’t available free of cost. Although the free trial is available, you must pay a certain amount to keep leveraging its monitoring and tracking features.

With that said, let’s dig deeper into the pricing plans of this application with the offered features so you can easily select the one that aligns with your needs.

Basic Plan

The first is the basic plan which is the cheapest available on this platform. However, with lower prices comes a catch of not being able to use all the features available on this tracking software. Some of the features you can utilize on the basic plan include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free-of-cost updates
  • Keylogger
  • Tracking of call logs, email, texts, browsing history, and GPS
  • Notification receiving if the device’s SIM card changes

The basic plan is priced at $26.99 per month. And if you opt for a year’s plan, it will just cost you just $99.99.

Premium Plan

If we compare the premium mSpy package, it’s a lot better than the basic one. It’s all because this plan features a number of exceptional capabilities like phone locking, number, and contact blocking. Moreover, it also helps you maintain better control of the target device.

The best part about the premium plan is that it lets you monitor literally everything on your kid’s device so you can prevent them from accessing any dangerous site that might adversely affect their mental health.  However, the decision will solely be based on your needs and how much oversight you think would be enough to fulfill them.

With that said, let’s see how much each plan will cost you on a monthly and annual basis.

So for the premium plan, you must pay around $48.99 per month. However, if you opt for an annual plan, then the price is reduced to only $11.66 for each month. But of course, you will have to pay the entire amount altogether.

mSpy Pros and Cons: What Do the App’s Users Feel About It?

Although mSpy is undoubtedly a top-runner in the tracking industry, it still has some drawbacks that do not sit well with its users. Some of the cons can easily be ignored, while others may hinder people from using the application smoothly.

Similarly, there are several aspects of this application that users love the most that they don’t even think about shifting to any other parental control application.

With that said, let’s get a bit deeper into what pros and cons mSpy has to offer and what is the user’s point of view about them.

mSpy Pros

Affordable Pricing

Although many free tracking applications are available, they lack the actual functionality to monitor any device’s location or messages. In this scenario, you are left with no option other than subscribing to a paid plan of any suitable app. And there might be only a few apps like mSpy that offer premium features at highly affordable rates.

Even users are completely satisfied with its pricing offers considering the features that the app comes packed with.

Easy installation

When it comes to tracking software, you might assume the app to have a complex interface and even more complicated setup procedure since it involves the target device as well. There’s nothing like this for mSpy as this application is not only easy to install, but the interface is so simple that you can get familiar with it just by using it 1 to 2 times.

The app’s users are of the same view as they tested different tracking software and found it to be one of the easiest to set up and start using. We have mentioned the process of using this application in this comprehensive guide. And you’ll realize the truth of this claim only after reading it.

Invisible tracking

The best thing about mSpy is that it is a silent tracking application that doesn’t let the target device user know they are being tracked. It works in the background, so there’s not even a single trace of any suspicious activity they might detect.

What users like the most about mSpy is this feature, as they are able to track their kids’ true online activity without alerting them. So there are no chances for any tampering.

Some other exceptional benefits of mSpy that seem to have impressed users the most include the following:

  • The app notifies you if any dangerous activity is spotted on the target device. So you can take prompt action to save your kid from any cybersecurity issues.
  • Its widespread compatibility with both operating systems, Android and iOS, is another advantageous factor of consideration.
  • The app doesn’t only let you track location, but it also allows a clear sneak peek into personal messages, social media, call log, and image gallery of the target device.
  • mSpy has top-notch customer service. And most users love how friendly the team behaves while dealing with any technical query they may face with using the application.
  • The app’s free trial also seems to impress the users as they can test all the features before moving towards any monetary commitment.

mSpy Cons

After discussing all the mSpy advantages, it’s time to shed some light on its drawbacks, especially from the point of view of its users.

Limited functionality

Several paid tracking apps let you track multiple devices on a single plan, but mSpy lacks this important feature. This seems to frustrate users as they can’t get the most out of their money.

Moreover, the pricing keeps increasing after every interval, which is also another factor that users seem to dislike the most. The inconsistency can disturb their budget if the cost goes up unexpectedly while they’re already leveraging this tracking application.

Data can be destroyed

Although the app works in the background, it can still be removed from the device if the target device user knows they are being tracked. In short, there are no app-locking capabilities to stop the uninstallation of the software, so you can continue using it for parental control purposes.

Whenever your kid resets their device, the app’s setup will be removed from it at that moment. To further track, you must set it up by following the entire procedure again.

Users don’t seem to like this feature much due to the hassles they might have to go through in case their kid factory resets their mobile phone for any reason.

mSpy User Ratings

To ensure providing you with an honest insight into the capabilities of mSPy, we researched several authentic review platforms. You may refer to this table to better understand the ratings this app has gotten from users all around the world on different websites.

Review PlatformNumber of Ratings and Reviews
SiteJabber1827 (4.19/5)
Trust Pilot4109 (3.6/5)
Reseller Ratings504 (3.9/5)

Considering the above figures, mSpy seems to do average in terms of its functionality.

Some users have a lot of good things to say about this app, while others aren’t as satisfied. As we read the user reviews, we realized they seemed to like the app’s customer support the most.

Meanwhile, they also raved about the 100% accurate monitoring capabilities of mSpy that made it easier for them to keep a close eye on their kids. Moreover, users also find it easy to use in comparison with other tracking apps that come with a complicated interface.

Contrarily, the unsatisfied users had major issues with the app’s refund policy. According to a user, he didn’t get any prompt response when he asked for a refund by canceling the app’s subscription.

Similarly, another user claimed that this application does not offer all the features as promised, which disappointed him a lot. Another user had issues downloading the application on the target phone, but he was satisfied with how the customer support helped him get through.

All in all, mSpy application is a legit tracking software with accurate capabilities. Users do recommend this, especially for parents, as it lets them ensure their kid is safe when outside the house and also that he or she is using their mobile phone within the set limits. But it still needs to be improved in certain areas to retain the topmost spot in this industry.

Best Alternatives to mSpy

While mSpy is the leading spy solution in the market, you can’t ignore its potential drawbacks. The limitations restrict users from keeping a sharp eye on the target phone. Fortunately, there are several alternatives you can try out in replacement of mSpy. Let’s briefly overview them.

1. Spyic

A reliable name in the tracking industry, Spyic reflects a great alternative software to mSpy. Primarily, most users opt for this due to their bold claim of delivering premium features without the need to root or jailbreak. All you need to do is install the app on your and the target device, and it will instantly start monitoring after a few setup steps.

From social media to incoming and outgoing calls, Spyic can track everything. Moreover, it also lets parents keep a close eye on their kids’ browsing history so they know what their little one is searching for on the internet.

Moreover, it also has a geofencing feature just like mSpy, through which parents can check the accurate location of the target phone. And not just this, but they can also check longitude and latitude for a better insight into their kids’ whereabouts. You can find more info about it on our Spyic App Reivew page.

2. eyeZy

Another app on the list is known as eyeZy, that’s just like mSpy, offering equally exceptional tracking and monitoring features. One of the most useful features of this app is the social spotlight, through which you can check the social media activity of your kids and even keep an eye on their chats.

This mSpy alternative also offers magic alerts through which you can rest assured knowing your kid is safe on their premises. It functions in the background, so there is no chance that your younger one may detect and delete this app.

It’s the price that makes eyeZy an ideal alternative to mSpy. The app is available only for $9.99 per month, a little lower than mSpy.

3. uMobix

If you aren’t willing to spend money on tracking software, uMobix can be your ideal pick with its free-of-cost features. It’s available on both Android and iPhone devices and features a dashboard to simplify tracking.

The best thing about this app is that it lets you track location accurately, and you can even zoom in and out to get the pinpoint area where your kid is in real time. Similarly, you can also check their location history, including the places your younger one has visited the most and those that they went to recently.

It’s superior to mSpy for offering exceptional features just like it. But of course, with free accessibility comes limited functionalities that might be unable to beat mSpy.


We hope our comprehensive mSpy app review – the spy app for tracking phones will help you make the right decision about whether you should trust its functionalities or not. In this article, we have included everything about the app that you must know before making any financial commitment, with a special focus on what users have to say about it.

So don’t think more and make a decision, as keeping an eye on your kid’s online activity is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent.

FAQs for mSpy App Review

Is monitoring someone’s activity on a mobile phone against the law?

The legal consequences of using mSpy can vary depending on whom you want to track. For example, if it’s your under 18 kid, then there’s no harm in doing so, and even the law permits you for that.

However, if it’s for someone who’s above 18, interfering in their privacy against their will can cost you hefty penalties. Therefore, if you want to track your employees, it’s better to tell them about it in advance so you have their permission to keep a watch on their activity.

Besides this, it’s also important to ensure the spying phone solely belongs to you. Using someone else’s device for this purpose without letting your workers know is also considered an unethical practice.

Why does the mSpy app sometimes work?

A few users have presented with a concern that the application isn’t functioning on their device to track the target phone. This may happen if roaming is activated on any of the smartphones. Moreover, a lack of network on either device can also lead to this occurrence as it’d hinder sending back details from the target device to your phone.

Is it possible to download the mSpy app remotely on mobile?

No, it is certainly not possible to install or connect mSpy on the target device without physically accessing the cell phone. For this purpose, you must have the device of your kid in your hand, and it must also be unlocked so you can easily carry out the installation and setting up of the application.

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