Is Flickr the Best Photo Sharing Site?

Updated October 6, 2023

As the scenario of digital photography dawned, people started hunting for a photographer within themselves. Leave aside this, digital photography has given a chance to any layman to capture anything and everything and share it with anyone and everyone, thanks to the photo sharing websites such as Flickr, Picasa and many more. In the race of so many digital online photo sharing websites, would it be apt to say that Flickr is the best photo sharing site? Flickr does allow you to share photos with everyone and also makes your task simpler by saving that space on your hard disk, thereby also allowing you to organize your pictures properly. We will try to decipher whether Flickr is the best photo sharing site or not, by comparing it with the top most competitors- Picasa and Photobucket.

Why do we need photo sharing sites?

It is important to note, rather find out whether we actually need these photo sharing sites or not? The answer is definitely yes! For the netizens, photo hosting sites play a crucial role simply because it gives an opportunity to amateur photographers to showcase their talent, to the bloggers and websites to drive traffic to their website and to a layman to share their pictures with the ones they like. Photo sharing has therefore become absolutely indispensable in today’s digitalized and Internet-savvy world. But photo printing services such as snapfish and mixbook are still famous as people still love to get their photos printed.

Comparing Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket

While Flickr is a Yahoo! owned photo sharing website, Picasa is owned by Google and Photobucket falls under Seattle. Of all these, Flickr can be called the most comprehensive site since it allows users to share not just the photos, but also videos. Besides, it gives an opportunity to edit these pictures and add description for getting more attraction. As claimed by Flickr, it has hosted more than 4 billion images. Picasa, on the other hand is a desktop-based application that allows you to organize your photos, edit them and share them. It does not allow video hosting. Photobucket, in the meanwhile has a kind of genre where it allows hosting of images that are later displayed on sites like MySpace and eBay.

Storage limits: Flickr vs. Picasa vs. Photobucket

Flickr offers two options to its users- free account and paid account. Free-account holders can choose to share 200 MB of images every month, while the paid account holders are free to share unlimited amount of images. Picasa, on the other hand enables its users to store 1GB images in all. It makes available additional space on rent. Photobucket allows users to get 500 MB storage capacity in free and 25 GB for an amount.

Summary: Is Flickr the best?

Considering various factors, it would not be wrong to say that of the three sites; Flickr can definitely be considered a better site, if not the best! It offers a great platform to the website owners, bloggers, photographers and laymen to use the photo sharing website to the fullest. Besides, it also enables video sharing, which can be an added advantage to users!

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  • Peter Kraft

    The best photo-sharing and storage site is by far
    It’s free – Flickr’s not – video is unrestricted – Flickr has 90 seconds !!!!!!

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