5 Things You Should Know Before Creating A Video Sharing Website

Updated October 6, 2023

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Though creating a video sharing website would be the best way to reach your customers and to develop your business there are certain aspects which you need to look for before you start with it.

According to Lisa at the Hosting Institute more and more ecommerce sites are using videos to show-off their products and these are the main things they optimize in order to have a fast loading website:

1. Storage:

  • Customers would always wish to have your videos to be available all the time. Your media streaming should be supported by the web host which will help you to manage your potential traffic. By creating two dedicated storage options you would now be able to get the best cost-effective solutions as you can.
  • In order to keep your videos and content in a way to reach much faster as never before you can actually use the SSD storage. You may need to spend a little more but through SSD storage you can store all your data.
  • To manage and host your less popular videos or data you can go for the cheaper storage or less powerful ones.

2. Good network connectivity:

Though you might not be planning to at a faster rate, you might grow gradually over the scale. If you want to manage it in a hassle-free manner choosing the Content Delivery Network would work best for your needs.

The CDN is nothing but the infrastructure which can provide users with guaranteed content delivery with the help of geographically distributed network services.

CDN is the best way with which you can now build your server in the most cost-effective way. You can even find several other benefits too such as:

  • It would prevent the overloading of the server.
  • It provides the shortest response request time.
  • There is a low probability of the packet loss.

3. Higher bandwidth:

If you are not aware of the bandwidth which you need to have in order to stream the high-quality video consider the following:

Usually in order to watch a video of 720p the user may need 4Mbps. When there are more than 2500 online users who might be watching the same video, it requires more. So, the most important factor which you need to consider ensuring good bandwidth is the right protocol as well as the top-quality Content Delivery Network.

4. The low jitter:

Jitter is a term which has been used to describe the downtime variation or network delay vibrations. It may lead to freezing of images, video frame drops, audio and video issues or any other relevant problems that might arise. Sometimes you may need to face choppy streaming especially for the providers of video on Demand (VOD). The most common issues which have been faced by the live video streaming include high latency, jitter and much more. In order to fight back these issues, it is important for you to use Adaptive bitrate streaming.

5. Security:

People from different parts of the world use your website content and it might not be protected. The following are the various factors to be considered in order to ensure complete security for your website content.

  • Background of the network: With CDN you would now be able to guarantee their global presence. 24×7 hours of monitoring round the clock along with backup for content should be included.
  • Security token: It would prevent the third party from content redirection when the owner has not approved.
  • Domain restriction: This will help you to lock contents for a particular domain.
  • Viewer payment security: Through SSL encryption for transactions you can provide the best safety for data related to user payments.


If you take care of the above 5 aspects, you can smoothly go ahead with your video sharing project without any problem.

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