Why SEO And Machine Learning Are The Perfect Match

Updated October 6, 2023

SEO Strategies

Machine learning is possibly one of the most remarkable artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to hit the world of online marketing. Cognitive and artificial intelligence systems are already well on their way to be a $77 billion industry by the year 2022, which is groundbreaking for the future of SEO. The perfection of SEO relies heavily on technology and the way technology can interpret the algorithms of search engines. Machine learning takes this a step further by getting information directly from the consumer and finetuning the SEO strategy to be even more relevant and searchable. While AI is already applied in various sectors, how future SEO strategies unfold thanks to this technology will certainly be interesting to watch.

Machine Learning For Ad Optimization

One of the major reasons businesses opt for SEO optimization is because they want their business to get noticed online. This doesn’t only refer to content such as articles and blog posts, but also advertisements and other types of content. Machine learning enhances this experience as it is able to detect the finer nuances of what makes content more appealing to visitors. An advertising strategy specifically with SEO in mind can benefit from the in-depth analysis performed by machine learning. An SEO strategy that lacks a targeted advertising campaign will find it hard to rank even if its content ticks the right boxes.

Prediction Is At The Heart Of Beating The SEO Pack

It’s hard to come across a website that doesn’t already have an SEO expert on board to help with the advancing of the SEO strategy. What will really set these websites apart from everyone else online, is knowing exactly what consumers are going to do before they even do it. SEO that teams up with predictive technology will make a site impervious to market changes, as these sites will already be prepared for it. According to Avidon Marketing Group, the best way to win at the SEO game is not to game the search engines, but rather adapt to a real marketing strategy based on wants, needs, and trends. An SEO strategy that already knows how to tweak and change with upcoming trends will have the upper hand in the SEO turf wars. Those who want to ride the wave of the latest trends will also need to have something up their sleeve for when the next trend looms in order to phase in the transition without losing their market. They will also need to understand how and when trends end, so as to not overdo a certain strategy.

Post For Profit

Website owners don’t embark on a journey of machine learning for SEO without having a positive result in mind, and that positive result should translate into money. One of the major uses of machine learning in this journey is to tackle keywords that are the most profitable to websites. Keyword stuffing and random information with a few keywords here and there do nothing for algorithms and while a site might get noticed at first, the algorithms can quickly determine whether site visitors find the information helpful or not. Rather, make use of those golden ticket keywords in a way that would add value to site visitors.

Machine learning is an unavoidable future component of an SEO strategy and those who manage to capitalize on this tech before it gets saturated will reap the rewards.

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