5 Reasons Why SEO is a Must for Your Website

Updated January 9, 2024

SEO is a common term that is used in the world of online marketing and business. Anyone doing business online must embrace Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a technique used in marketing where specific words and phrases are used to help your content rank in search results. Whenever online users go looking for information, they should be able to find your page easily. This can only be achieved if you or your SEO continually optimizes your website for specific keywords and phrases. In addition to these strategies, partnering with a link building agency can greatly enhance your website’s visibility and authority online. With SEO, you have the potential to get a lot of traffic to your site and thus you can devise ways of converting them into customers.

Here is what Marc, the founder of Museproject SEO Perth considers to be the main benefits:

#1 With SEO, you attract quality customers

SEO Strategies

Traditional outbound advertising channels involve reaching out to clients and other viewers whether they like it or not. Here, the marketer’s work is to broadcast to as many people as possible with an assumption that a certain number would buy. That may not work always and therefore is not a very smart strategy. In fact, many customers find this very annoying and may end up ignoring your product and services entirely. With inbound marketing on the other hand, you are pursuing a customer-centric strategy and instead of interrupting online users. Essentially, inbound marketing attracts users by creating and publishing useful resources for every stage of the buying journey along the sales funnel. At the very heart of any inbound marketing strategy is SEO, which plays an instrumental part.  Search engine optimization ensures that your content is found on Google and other search engines. This will mean that you get more qualified leads to your website. With SEO, your focus changes, you devise strategies of attracting specific customers in relation to your industry, products and this is quite effective.

#2 With SEO, you don’t buy your SERP spot like with ads

While you can be on the first page of Google instantly with paid ads and active AdWords management, Google’s organic keyword rankings are based on more than 200 factors, whereby relevance is and always will be the most important. This can work to your advantage if you create a page with content that that is deemed worthy by the search engine. As a result you can be sure that your site will attract traffic even for years. Once you’ve invested a good amount of money in SEO driven content, there is little to no maintenance cost, making it a worthwhile investment. The most important thing you need to do as the website owner is to keep updating the content with relevant keywords. PPC ads on the other hand, typically involve a cost for every user’s visit or click. For instance, if the average cost per click is $3, you can imagine how much it would cost you to market your content – quite expensive. With SEO, you might invest heavily in the beginning until you get first page rankings, but once you are there, your ROI is well worth it.

#3 SEO helps you move ahead of the competition

Any stable marketing strategy uses SEO. Research has shown that businesses are more focused on improving their online presence. That means the competition is already taking measures to tap into the market by establishing vibrant online marketing strategies, which would help establish high rankings in search results. With SEO, you will be in a position to keep ahead of your competitors by staying relevant and above all visible.

#4 SEO is a 24/7 marketing strategy

Unlike other inbound advertising strategies like email, with SEO, you don’t have to push for numbers. You only need to present your content on your site strategically, thus viewers will be drawn to your site any time of the day or night. You don’t have to bother your contacts with emails and cold calling, which often times is a nuisance- they buy your product or service voluntarily.

#5 High return on Investment (ROI)

Whenever you invest money in any business, you expect to get back high returns. Creating search optimized content for your site doesn’t cost you a fortune and you may be able to do it on your own. Other marketing channels like traditional advertising through the radio or television are very costly and customers may choose to ignore. With SEO, you get customers that are ready to buy your service or product.

Any business in the modern world that wishes to succeed must invest in SEO. You can either learn SEO yourself, or if you are a busy business owner like most entrepreneurs, you can hire an SEO professional who will makes sure you are visible on search engines for your target keywords and phrases.

Marc Straessle:Founder & Digital Strategist at Museproject, a Perth WA based digital marketing agency. Marc enjoys developing unique digital marketing strategies and teaching these to clients and fellow digital marketers. Having run several businesses, Marc has an entrepreneurial passion and a drive to help other businesses grow.

Email: [email protected]
Website: https://museproject.com.au
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marc-straessle-91523b120/

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