6 Christmas Gifts to Send in Bubble Mailers

Updated October 6, 2023

Finally, a season of happiness is around the corner. Regardless of the pain that 2020 brought with it, people are still eager to celebrate Christmas. Whether far or near, there is enough reason for giving presents during this holiday season.

You may be wondering how the fragile gift you bought for your partner will get to its destination and still maintain its beauty and be unscathed. Well, worry less, bubble mailer is the most reliable and cost-effective way to ensure that your gift is well transported to a destination of choice without any harmful effect on it.

Here we look at the fantastic gifts you can send in bubble mailers. Read on to find out.

What is a Bubble Mailer?

Send in Bubble Mailers

A bubble mailer is an envelope with a paper exterior and a bubble pudding in the interior. The bubble padding ensures the safety of fragile items. The size of the bubble depends on the size of the gift.

Statistics show that small envelopes are dropped, handled, and tossed 27 times before delivery. As such, using specially padded 6 x 10 bubble mailers for the ultimate protection during transit is the way to go.

Now that you know what a bubble mailer is, below are fantastic gifts you can send using the bubble mailer.

1. Jewelry

Customized jewelry is one of the best gifts for Christmas. In a season like Christmas, anyone will be happy to receive a personal gift like beautiful jewelry. Since jewelry is a small package, the chances of dropping it are high. Ensure the safety of your gift by sending it via bubble mailer.

2. Makeup Kit

Both men and women want to look fabulous at any given time. A makeup kit is a wonderful Christmas gift for your loved one. A makeup kit will be a surprise to anyone, especially if sent through the mail.

While sending the makeup kit using the bubble mailer, you are assured that there is no leakage or spills of the foundation and the makeup remover. Therefore, you do not need to rethink getting a makeup kit for your loved ones.

3. Electronics

No one gets enough of electronics as new inventions keep coming up every day. Whether an improved cell phone or an iPad, everyone is happy with a new gadget. Why not give such a present during these Christmas celebrations?  Bubble mailers offer the best way to send such a gift.

Rest assured that the electronic is transported in a cozy manner to avoid any damage, hence reaching the recipient in good condition.

4. Video Games

Video gaming is one of the best ways to pass the time, making it the best Christmas gift. Giving gaming gifts to your family will be of great use during the Christmas holidays. To ensure that the video game reaches the recipients in good shape, use a bubble mailer to send it.

The bubble padding in the envelope ensures the video game’s safety in case of tipping or falling incidence. The envelope protects the gift from other damages such as exposure to water.

5. Art Supplies

Does your friend or partner love painting? If yes, why not give him/her art supplies this Christmas? This may include colors, sketch pad, clay, pastels, watercolors, and brushes. However, you need the right packaging choice to ensure that the recipient receives the gift in good condition.

Due to the bubble padding in the bubble mailers, you are assured that your gift will reach its destination damage-free.

6. Books

Although many people prefer reading their favorite book online, some prefer reading a physical book. Pack the books on a bubble mailer to ensure safety against water in case of exposure. Packing the books in a bubble mailer will provide a wonderful unpacking, revealing the love involved during the packaging.

Why Use a Bubble Mailer?

When using a bubble mailer, you are assured of the safety of the package. The mailers have insulated padding that wraps the gift to ensure its safety. On the other hand, bubble mailers come in various sizes. Whether you are looking forward to a small or large size, your needs are well catered for. Additionally, bubble mailers are lightweight and cost-friendly.

During this Christmas season, you can be sure that the gift you have bought for your loved ones will reach them in good condition, thanks to bubble mailers services. There is no greater feeling than to know that the package will get to its destination without any damage.

For a safe, secured, and cost-friendly transit accommodating a wide variety of Christmas gifts, bubble mailers are the best option.

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