How Smartphones Will Continue to Revolutionize Our Lives

Updated October 6, 2023

It wasn’t long ago that mobile phones were used for the simple process of talking to someone when you weren’t at home. Then the next stage was texting, and suddenly people were blown away by the ability to chat to someone through short messages anywhere and anytime. It was inconceivable for most people back then to imagine the jump in technology that owning a mobile device would soon take and how drastically it would alter our day to day lives.

It was back in January 2007 that Apple announced the release of its first iPhone. Since then, according to recent data, there are more than six billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide today, and that staggering number is predicted to keep growing over the forthcoming years. Simply put, smartphones aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that they are going to continue to have more and more involvement in our lifestyles.

Here, then, is a quick look at some of the different ways smartphones will continue to revolutionise our lives and give you the power to do a million things right in your hand.

Staying Connected

A phone, no matter how smart it is, must be able to connect people. People want to be able to talk to their loved ones, to be able to share their life experiences with them. You got the much wanted job promotion at work, brilliant news, best ring your partner to hear the excitement in their voice when you tell them.

With the progression of phone technology though, we’re now able to not just hear our loved ones, but to see their faces. You can now watch the emotion wash over them and see the sheer delight in each other’s reactions, no matter how far away you are.

Video calls will start to become the new normal as 5G becomes more common around the world, allowing for smoother and faster connections to each other. There will be no buffering or janky images as people will seamlessly chat to each other in high-definition. 5G is already becoming the standard in big towns and cities, but once it is rolled out everywhere it will give us all transformational advanced wireless futures.

Entertainment on the Go

Smartphones have given people the ability to be entertained at nearly every moment of their lives. No longer is a twenty-minute wait at the doctors an almost insufferable bore. As long as you have your smartphone and some battery life (plus some headphones if you don’t want to become public enemy number one) you’re able to while away the time in an enjoyable and satisfactory way. Whether that’s listening to the latest chart releases on Spotify or watching your favourite comedian’s new standup on Netflix.

One of the biggest innovations of smartphones has been the ability to game on the go. It used to be that if you wanted to play video games on the move, then you’d need a handheld console such as a Nintendo Gameboy or a Sony PSP. Yet now, with an up to date smartphone in your pocket, you’ll have a huge array of games and spellbinding graphics to rival even the best modern handheld console. Games like the sandbox open-world creator Minecraft, and the intense battle-royale of Fortnite have turned bus journeys from a tedious chore to an exciting opportunity.

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Smartphones Will Continue to Revolutionise
Phones now bring entertainment like slots machines to you

Folding Screens

With the increasing ability to watch videos and use a smartphone screen to play online games amongst other things, it seems that eventually the screens will have to get larger to better accommodate these facilities. Yet most people won’t want huge cumbersome machines that will not easily fit into their pockets.

Step forward Samsung then, who just last year came up with the technology to have a phone that folds into a tablet-like device. Whilst prices for this device, called the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, are currently sky-high, soon the technology will become mainstream and prices for devices with similar tech will fall to more reasonable prices. The future is folded.

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