6 SEO Tips For Higher Google and Yahoo Ranking

Updated October 6, 2023

SEO Presence

The internet has opened the digital marketing space—giving businesses real opportunities to pitch their products and services to different clients. Gone are the days when print media used to scare businesses from advertising. Nowadays, you don’t need mullions to reach potential clients. With proper digital marketing strategies, your business looks set to rocket to new success heights. So, what’s behind digital marketing? How can SEO benefit your water restoration company? Well, these questions will be answered in the following article.

Google Places

Google is quickly starting to embrace local searches. So, leverage on this new feature and optimize your water restoration company for local searches. Include a Google Places Page on your water restoration company’s main website. This includes inputting the correct address, contact information, linking Google Places Page to that website of yours, adding hours of operation, asking clients to include reviews on the page, and verifying the Google Places Page.

Do Away With Don’t Misspell Keywords

Optimizing for keywords is a powerful SEO technique. However, getting it right is important. Look at the keywords. Ensure that they are properly spelled. Misspelled keywords can negatively affect your water restoration company’s SEO ranking. Plus, it will make you look unprofessional, uneducated, and negligent. Ok, look. Are you willing to hire a negligent service provider? Probably no. Then work on your keywords.

Avoid Keyword Dilution

Don’t overuse keywords in your content. Also known as keyword stuffing, dilution will not take you anywhere. It’s a negative desperate move. Don’t use more than 3 keywords in your content. Of course, keywords are important. However, if there are numerous keywords to be covered, why not create different blogs. It will make things clear and straightforward.

Stay Away From Broken Links

Broken links are irritating on the side of your site visitors. They put off visitors. With broken links, visitors won’t spend a lot of time on your site. Is this something that you are looking for? No. Then work on your links. Remove dead links. Fix broken links. Remember, the fewer the time visitors spend on your site, the poor your site’s ranking.

Don’t Duplicate Content

There are no shortcuts when it comes to digital marketing. So, avoid shortcuts such as duplicating content. It will negatively affect your site’s ranking. In fact, Google hates duplicated content. You will be punished severely. Worse still, you might be banned for life by popular search engines. Stay original. Take time to create fresh content. It’s the only way to higher Google ranking.

Feel Overwhelmed?

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The Bottom-Line

SEO is the king when it comes to digital marketing. With SEO, you have the power to catapult your water restoration company from zero to greatness. The best part; you don’t have to break the bank to reach those hard to get clients. All you need is to employ the best SEO tactics and watch your business grow. So, what are you waiting for? Act now and let the business growth do the talking!

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