6 Ways SEO Impacts your Business

Updated October 6, 2023

Assuming you’ve never heard of SEO, it simply stands for search engine optimization. A website optimization company worth its salt knows that SEO is, hands down, the most effective strategy for growing your business online. In fact, according to Forbes, the industry is approaching $80 billion in revenue!

What this means is that you cannot afford to ignore SEO to grow your business. As the name suggests, it is the engine that is driving businesses today. Successful implementation of an SEO strategy for your website will definitely yield immediate and long-term effects. Here are 6 ways SEO will impact your business.

SEO Presence

1. Your website will attract relevant, quality traffic

A website can receive tons of traffic in a day and still make no sales. This happens so many times that one would think site traffic doesn’t matter anymore. The reality is anything but that. Traffic does matter. In fact, online traffic drives sales. However, this is not just any type of traffic. It’s relevant traffic from visitors actively looking for your products or services.

This is where SEO comes in. An SEO website features the right keywords, description, headings, textual emphasis, images, links, etc. As search engines crawl your website, they search for relevant content and index it appropriately, with the most relevant appearing at the top of search engine results.

2. Converts Lead into Buyers

A website visitor looking to buy a product listed on your website was most likely brought to you by a keyword hyperlink. That visitor is more likely to buy from you than a random user who landed on your website by mistake, or one who was manipulated to click on a link that brought them to your website.

SEO profiles what your website is about. It prequalifies web visitors by truthfully presenting your business to them. SEO brings your business to the eyeballs of people looking for exactly what you have to offer. These are ready-to-buy clients who landed on your website organically without being tricked by an ad. As long as your price is right, and the customer service is memorable, chances are they will place an order.

3. Integrate your content marketing strategy

An effective content marketing strategy has SEO at its core. The latter must be incorporated into all your marketing channels. It must be woven into your advertising campaigns, social media platforms, web design, and content marketing. A higher SEO ranking is a result of a combination of all these, all featuring SEO at their core.

SEO is the engine that drives relevant traffic to your website. That’s the reason people visit your website. It’s your salespeople working hard to bring potential clients to your doorstep. It’s what drives relevant organic traffic to your websites.

4. Works for you 24/7

Your sales team cannot work day and night, but SEO will. If your website has a compelling call-to-action (CTA) and an automated ordering and fulfillment system, SEO will get the traffic, convert it into buyers, sell your products and services and provide a feedback mechanism. Properly optimized, your website will appear at the top of online searches, exposing your product or service to a potential audience running into millions.

5. Improved User Experience

When the right people visit your website, they are likely to enjoy the experience. Nothing is as annoying as clicking on a misleading link that takes you to a website with content you have no interest in. This won’t happen if a website has an effective SEO strategy.

Users are happy when a product or service is exactly as is described by the link. SEO is all about presenting the right content to the right audience. It does this using keywords, descriptions, and titles that accurately describe what your website has to offer. When visitors are happy with their experience on your website, they are likely to not only buy from you but also leave rave reviews that will, in turn, improve your website’s rankings even further.

6. SEO Builds Trust and Integrity in your Brand

People tend to trust websites that feature keywords and descriptions that exactly reflect what they are about. And the good thing is that search engines love websites that users trust. As you offer relevant content, your target audience appreciates the fact that you are careful not to waste their time with irrelevant content.

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