Where to Buy the Google Pixel 6 Series in Australia: A 2024 Guide

Updated December 23, 2023

Looking for a new phone and considering Android? Then, Google’s Pixel 6 series could be your answer, particularly if you are based in Australia. If you’re interested in purchasing a reliable Google Pixel 6 phone in Australia, you have multiple avenues to explore. This series offers a variety of choices to fit every lifestyle and need. Although the newer Pixel 7 has been making waves, the Pixel 6 series still offers compelling features and remains a fantastic option, especially if you’re budget-conscious. Here’s why.

A Timeless Choice: Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6

Though launched in 2021, the Google Pixel 6 feels every bit like a “modern” phone. It was the first Google Pixel series to feature the company’s in-house Tensor chip. The phone is also the first to adopt a new design language that Google seems to have finally committed to. Its dual-camera setup includes a 50 MP main camera and a 12 MP ultrawide, all displayed through a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with HDR10+ and a 90Hz refresh rate. This makes it excellent for video and photo quality.

Features and Specs: Google Pixel 6

  • Display: AMOLED, 90Hz, HDR10+, 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • Platform: Android 12 (upgradable to Android 13), Google Tensor chipset
  • Camera: 50 MP main and 12 MP ultrawide
  • Selfie Camera: 8 MP with Auto-HDR
  • Battery: 4614 mAh, non-removable
  • Colors: Sorta Seafoam, Kinda Coral, Stormy Black

A More Affordable Option: Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6A

Released in July 2022, the Google Pixel 6a offers most features available in the Google Pixel 6 but at a more accessible price point. It sports a similar design, and its dual 12.2 MP cameras give you the imaging power you need. You get a 6.1-inch OLED screen, and it comes in different Google Pixel 6a colors like Chalk, Charcoal, and Sage.

Features and Specs: Google Pixel 6a

  • Display: OLED, HDR, 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • Platform: Android 12 (upgradable to Android 13), Google Tensor chipset
  • Camera: Dual 12.2 MP
  • Selfie Camera: 8 MP with Auto-HDR
  • Battery: 4410 mAh, non-removable
  • Colors: Chalk, Charcoal, Sage

The Premium Experience: Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro

For those seeking a high-end experience, the Google Pixel 6 Pro offers a larger 6.7-inch LTPO AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. It boasts a triple camera setup: a 50 MP wide, a 48 MP telephoto with 4x optical zoom, and a 12 MP ultrawide. The phone comes in premium Google Pixel 6 Pro colors like Cloudy White, Sorta Sunny, and Stormy Black.

Features and Specs: Google Pixel 6 Pro

  • Display: LTPO AMOLED, 120Hz, HDR10+, 1440 x 3120 pixels
  • Platform: Android 12 (upgradable to Android 13)
  • Camera: Triple 50 MP, 48 MP, and 12 MP
  • Selfie Camera: 11.1 MP with Auto-HDR
  • Battery: 5003 mAh, non-removable
  • Colors: Cloudy White, Sorta Sunny, Stormy Black

Where to Buy Google Pixel 6 Series in Australia

  1. Online Retailers: Numerous online stores offer the Google Pixel 6 series. You can compare prices and even buy a Google Pixel 6 refurbished to get it at an even lower price. You can also look for options to buy Google Pixel 6 Pro at competitive rates.
  2. Physical Stores: You can also find the Pixel 6 series in various electronics and mobile stores across Australia. However, ensure to compare prices to get the best deals.
  3. Network Providers: Many Australian telecom companies offer the Google Pixel 6 series as part of their contract plans. This way, you can get your new Pixel 6 phone bundled with a data plan that suits your needs.
  4. Official Google Store: Google’s official website is always an option for those who want to buy directly from the source. Here, you can get the Google Pixel 6 Pro best price and also customize your phone with accessories.

Final Thoughts

The Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6a, and Pixel 6 Pro are excellent choices for anyone looking to get a reliable, feature-rich Android phone. Each model in this series offers something unique, whether you’re looking for affordability, robust features, or a luxurious experience. And remember, although the Google Pixel 7 series is out, these earlier models offer a fantastic value-for-money experience, especially when you consider the Google Pixel 6 Pro price in Australia relative to its newer counterpart. Happy shopping!

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