Download Flappy Bird APK File to your PC and Play on your Smartphone

Updated October 6, 2023

Flappy Bird one of the popular mobile game of 2014 is now officially taken down from the Apple, Google Play and other stores, but the source file is still there. The developer of the game was making $50,000/day in Ad Revenue but he had to close it because of his personal reasons.

Those who have not yet tried this wonderful game can now download the APK file and upload to their smartphone via USB cable or blutooth. There is no need to buy a smartphone with flappy bird installed in it.


How to Download Flappy Bird APK File?

Step 1:- Download from here.

Note:- The file will be downloaded to your computer with .zip extension. Use any Decompressor software to unzip it.

Step 2:- After the file is successfully downloaded to your computer, connect your mobile phone with your computer. You can either connect with Bluetooth or USB cable.

Step 3:- After connecting simply copy the Flappy Bird APK file to your mobile phone.

Step 4:- Make sure that you have allowed 3rd Party Application Installations on your device. For example in Android phones you can go to Settings>Applications and tick the “Unknown sources” to allow the installation of the non-Market applications.

Step 5:- Now open the .apk file and run it. Install it and enjoy it.

How to Play Flappy Bird Game?

Simply tap on the bird to start the game and keep tapping the bird to score. If you stop tapping the bird will fall and you will lose. So just keep tapping on the bird and make high scores. So far one user has reported 412 as the highest score on Flappy Bird. Play it and see how much you can score on it.

Feel free to post comments below if you found any issue during the process.


  • Anchit Shethia

    Do you know how to install the ipa file on iPhone? It keeps showing me “Installing” on iPhone and never gets installed. Downloaded the file from torrent after it got removed.

  • Bhavesh Patel

    Honestly, I never tried flappy bird game before. But after the post don’t know why but I want to try this. Keep you updated with what I think about it after try. Thanks bilal 🙂

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Patel@ Do update me when you try it. It’s a fun game.

      • Bhavesh Patel

        Hey Bilal it’s amazing game yaar… I love it. I also suggest this one to my buddies to play.

        • Bilal Ahmad

          Bhavesh@ That is the reason it is so popular. What is your best score so far?

          • Bhavesh Patel

            Not much Bilal… I got 103. I think i going to addict to this game.

            • Bilal Ahmad

              Patel@ Wow 103 that is very high to achieve in this game. You must have spent a lot of time scoring it. 🙂

              • Bhavesh Patel

                Yeah, spend more than a lot time….. I told you I going to addict with this game. It’s amazing yaar… 🙂

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