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How To Turn Off Google Buzz in Gmail

Google Buzz is a simple and innovative tool for communication. It is integrated in Gmail account, and you can easily access Google Buzz from inside your gmail account. Those who don’t know about Google Buzz, might want to turn off this service. First you need to know about this great service, and then you are free to decide whether you want to keep Buzz in your gmail account or you want to turn it off. In order to better understand google buzz i must say that  Google Buzz is the next facebook.

I think this is now clear to you that what exactly google buzz is. If you know about Facebook, then you will be able to know about Google Buzz.

You can share interesting stuffs like videos, pictures, content, images and your favorite music with your friends through Google Buzz. There are lots of other things you can do with google buzz. If you want to know more about google buzz, then read my previous post about Google Buzz.

How To Turn Off Google Buzz

This is very simple to turn off google buzz from your gmail account. Simply drag your browser scroll bar and move to the bottom of the page inside your gmail account. There you will find “Turn Off Buzz”, click on the button.

remove buzz from gmailNow you will see another page. Where you can disable Google Buzz in your gmail account.

turn off google buzzNow Google Buzz in Turned Off from your gmail account. You can follow the same steps to Turn On google buzz.

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