How to Secure Your BlackBerry Phone?

Updated October 6, 2023

In the line of smart phones and mobile e-mail devices, BlackBerry is a commanding name accounting for about 15% of Smartphone sales round the globe. The primary feature of BlackBerry phones is the ability to access internet e-mails from mobile devices depending upon the mobile network coverage or Wi-Fi connectivity. BlackBerry can be thought of as a personal digital assistant maintaining record of a lot personal data and information. Therefore, every one around wants to secure his/her BlackBerry so that any intentional or unintentional access of others can be restricted.

blackberry security

No doubt these handheld devices have brought much comfort to our lives along with productivity and efficiency, but at the same time have added up the security risks associated with these smart phones. In order to secure data and prevent unauthorized access, some important tips and tricks are discussed briefly.

Best Tips How to Secure Your BlackBerry Phone

  • Device Password: The simplest way to block any unauthorized activity on BlackBerry is to make use of password protection. A convenient looking password must be set depending on one’s choice and must be entered every time the phone is switched on. A BlackBerry in hand is supposed to be always switched on. Consequently, setting a password doesn’t become any sort of burden because most of the time the BlackBerry phone of users is always connected and password needs not to be entered that much frequently. Even in case of handset getting misplaced, one can be assured that important data and information is safe. For setting a password, one can follow up to the “Options” menu and then go to “General Settings” in the “Security Options”.
  • Do Not Lose It: Another very simple tip is to take proper care of your handheld and try to be on the safe side and not getting it misplaced. Due to the optimal size and weight characteristics of BlackBerry phones, they are much prone to get misplaced. Quite often people do not even know and loose their phones in taxis and other places. Therefore, a bit more attention must be given to prevent phones slipping out.
  • Content Encryption: BlackBerry phones come with an important security tool known as content encryption. By default settings, this option is deactivated. For confidential data protection, this advanced encryption tool is used to save data in encrypted format rather than as raw data. Raw data saved on device’s memory is liable to be accessed by Crackers in case one looses possession to his/her handset either temporarily or permanently. For activating this option, one can follow up to the “Options” menu and then go to “General Settings” in the “Security Options”.
  • Media Card/ SD – Card Encryption: This is an important consideration for those who install a media card in their BlackBerry phones. In order to protect personal data, encryption mode must be enabled for the BlackBerry’s internal SD card. For activating this option, one can follow up to the “Options” menu and then go to “Memory Card” in the “Advanced Options”.

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