What Makes a Great Mobile Game?

Updated October 6, 2023

The mobile gaming industry is going from strength to strength. People play mobile games at any chance they get – be it in the home or whilst on the move. In the few short years of smartphones’ existence, mobile games have become increasingly sophisticated, offering gamers an exciting gaming experience.

Think back to some of the very earliest games that you could play on your mobile phone. Games like Snake and Solitaire were incredibly simple, yet they had people hooked. So, what is it that makes a mobile game great? Here you’ll find out some of the key factors that separate the best from the worst. Game developers, take heed!

Simple Gameplay

It is often though, and rightly so, that mobile gamers are casual players. They want games that they can slip in and out of, and that don’t require too much concentration. They aren’t necessarily the hardened gamer, such as a Modern Warfare fanatic, so it’s fair to say that the simpler the game, the more likely it is to be popular with the masses. Keeping game mechanics to a minimum is key, and performing the few actions repetitively keeps the game entertaining.

Small Actions, Big Result

One common theme with some of the most successful mobile games is that the player is required to perform a small action, such as a swipe or a tap, which results in a big action or series of actions on screen. For example, Angry Birds requires you to simply swipe the screen to pull back the catapult and release. Once you’ve completed the action, a series of explosions and destruction takes place. It’s wholly satisfying (if you get it right).

Easy-to-Follow Storyline

Some of the more sophisticated console games out there have extremely complicated storylines. You’ll need to pay full attention to avoid losing the plot! This is great if you have the time and the inclination to get really ’involved’ in the game, but that’s not what mobile gamers want. They need to be able to play the game, leave for five minutes and come back without having missed what the heck’s going on. Simplicity is key.

Lots of Small Levels

Mobile gamers generally won’t have the time to sit through a level that takes an age to complete. The levels short and sweet, and you’ll get them hooked. If you can progress through a number of levels in a relatively short space of time, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction and keep coming back for more.

Social Gaming

More and more games use Game Centre or similar systems to allow you to share your scores with friends and the wider mobile gaming community. This adds to the competitive element and adds a new dimension to games. You can also connect through Facebook and other social networks to play against your friends. Games like Draw Something used this function brilliantly.

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