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Websites & Apps – Then Vs Now

Before CSS and HTML5, websites all tended to look the same – blue and white with lots of lists and tables! Thankfully designs and internet-speeds have moved on since 2005 – but it’s not something much of us think about.

Google Now and Then

This great slider from Orega.com contains 18 different websites and smartphone apps – that allows  you to compare the old designs to the ones which we see and use today.  Mind blown!

If you want to get even deeper into this stuff, you can see the first website ever made – CERN.ch – a site made by the World Wide Web’s creator Tim Berners-Lee in August 1991.  The first ever smartphone was produced by IBM in 1994 and was called “Simon”; boasting email and touchscreen capabilities – swish!

Source – Orega.com

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