Control Room Design Trends: What to Expect in 2021

Updated October 6, 2023

Whether referring to multinational businesses, utility companies or agencies involved in the dissemination of large amounts of information, there is no doubt that centralised control rooms are some of their most critical features. This type of infrastructure is constantly evolving and as a result, designs that might have been relevant yesterday could very well be outdated by tomorrow. It is therefore a good idea to stay on top of some of the latest trends. Your organisation can then make the appropriate decisions at the right times. Also, let’s not fail to mention that performing small and ongoing upgrades is much better than being forced to endure large overhauls that could result in a significant amount of downtime.

Modernize your Business

The Ability to Handle Big Data

Big data is becoming more relevant in this modern times. Such information is often vital when monitoring ongoing operations. However, the ability to obtain, collate and process this type of data is challenging when using legacy systems. This is why these requirements are often outsourced to professional third-party firms such as Gesab. Not only will this data be examined at a much faster pace, but it can thereafter be segmented and compartmentalised so that it is sent to the right departments. Storage area networks (SANs) and media asset management software are often employed during such scenarios.

Heightened Security Solutions

Another issue which organisations much proactively address involves the sheer number of security threats throughout the digital community. If data is lost, stolen or otherwise corrupted, truly immense problems can occur. Perhaps the most recent and notorious example involves the 2020 SolarWinds hack. Not only were critical systems breached, but this incident impacted large companies throughout the United States and even some governmental agencies.

Thus, it is clear that security needs to be taken seriously. Advanced firewalls and dedicated antivirus software are two common examples. However, control rooms will often need to go a step further. Intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs), on-site IT support teams and scalable software will all help to thwart any threats as they emerge.

LED Video Walls

While entire walls covered with video screens may appear to represent nothing more than film magic, the fact of the matter is that many control rooms now employ this very same technology. There are several advantages associated with customised video walls including:

  • The instantaneous display of information.
  • These walls are excellent when used in conjunction with VoIP systems.
  • LED walls offer much more clarity and brightness when compared to standard projectors.
  • The screens are easy to install and consume much less power than traditional systems.

The technology behind such screens is continuing to advance, so LED walls should represent one of the most noticeable control room trends throughout 2021.

Employee Comfort

We need to remember that technology only goes so far when referring to on-site employees. Ergonomic designs are now playing an important role, as happy and comfortable workers will inevitably be more productive for longer periods of time. Chairs, desks, overhead lighting, and the amount of occupied space should all be taken into account in order to provide superior levels of comfort.

The innovative nature of control rooms is certainly impressive. Implementing the right changes at the appropriate times is the best way to ensure a productive future.