5 Useful Android Apps

Updated October 6, 2023

Everyone wants their smartphones full potential and we all need simplicity in our busy daily lives. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 useful android applications.

android useful apps

1# OneCast


OneCast is an app that lets you instantly stream any podcast that is available on iTunes, without having to download the podcast. Featuring a user friendly interface, all you have to do is search for your favorite podcasts and you’ll be listening to them within seconds.

2# Vlingo


Got a question? Vlingo will answer it. Vlingo is a personal voice assistant that keeps on growing. Simply ask it anything and it’ll respond. For example, you can ask it to text for you, call someone, check the weather or keep you up to date with the latest news. It’s a great example of Siri for android.

3# Mobo Player


Say goodbye to your “video to android” software. Mobo Player lets you open almost any media file, as long as your android device can handle it. You can listen to any audio file and stream a huge range of video files. The simplicity of just drag and dropping a file without conversion is somewhat a relief now!

4# Senti Wayk

£2.00 GBP

Senti Wayk is one of the best alarm apps on the Google Play store. You’ll no longer have to strain your eyes trying to find the snooze button at 6AM in the morning – Senti Wayk can automatically snooze just by waving you hand above your phone. It’s like waving “Good Morning” to your smartphone everyday!

5# Screen Filter


Just woken up? Screen still too bright, although on the lowest setting? Screen Filter can help. It adds a tint over your screen, thus making your android smartphone screen even darker. Perfect if you’re roommate is trying to sleep while you’re engaged on your smartphone.

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