5 Best Voice Recognition Apps For Android

Updated October 6, 2023

Android, the mobile operating system from the search giant Google has taken up the wide range of mobile users. More than 30 percent mobiles users have Android based smart phones or tablets. But do you ever wonder, why Android is so popular?? Well, the answer to this is the APPS availability. The Android official App store Google Play has reached the million count and is still increasing at tremendous rate. Is has apps related to all the categories and the category Voice Recognition is not left blank. The Android has large variety of apps related to this particular category. So let’s have a look on some best voice recognition apps for Android.

Google Voice Recognition

1. Google Search Box

Still typing for the keywords in Google to search for?? It’s 2012 and its time to move on to some advanced level of search. Google Quick Search Box lets you search for the required information by just speaking to it. Use the voice recognition feature of your Android Smartphone and search by giving voice commands to Google.

2. Bing

If Google is there in this field, then how its biggest competitor Bing can stay behind. Bing also has its own voice recognition search app for Android smart phones that let you search for anything on Bing via the voice commands.

3. Vlingo

Ever thought of having the personal assistant to help you? Well, you can now have virtual assistant on your Smartphone. Vlingo is the app for you. You can use this app to post status on your Facebook timeline or search the web via the voice commands.

4. CHaCha Answers

As we know the web is an endless source of knowledge. You can get solution to your problems on the net. But what if your mind struck by any random thought and you get trapped in some question. In such situations, you need fast and short answer. This is the time when ChaCha answers come into use. Well, being trapped in curiosity situations you want to get answer as fast as you can. Voice recognition makes it possible. ChaCha app makes use of voice recognition of your Android gadget and let you find answers to your questions by voice commands.

5. DriveSafe.ly Pro

Many times there is situation when you receive some messages during driving. Well, you can’t go for text while driving as it is risky for your life and is a legal crime too. So in such situations, this app comes into play. This app receives the message and then let you reply to the messages by just speaking the message. Not only this, you can also set this app to give auto response to the incoming messages, when you are in driving mode.

So it was the list of some best voice recognition apps for Android. The Voice Recognition capabilities of Android smart phones are very accurate in response which allows you to use voice recognition apps for the daily tasks. If you have any other good voice recognition app for Android in your mind then please take some time to spread this with world by dropping your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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