5 Best Twitter Apps For Your Android Phone

Updated October 6, 2023

Touiteur (Plume)

If you’re stuck trying to pronounce it, just say Twitter with a really fake French accent: “Garçon, bring me un Touiteur à la mode SVP.” Regardless of its rather questionable title, Touiteur has been re-packaged as Plume, and it brings some much appreciated conveniences to Android Twitter users. These advantages include the ability to define a color for each person appearing in your timeline to categorize them at a glance, muting select users or elements, swipe navigation, an integrated picture viewer and a smart discussion reader which makes following a convoluted Twitter discussion easy as pie.

Best of all, Plume is free, but you’ll have to put up with some rather intrusive ads. If these ads drive you up the wall, then you can shell out a very reasonable 186 INR for Plume Premium and banish those nasty banners to an infinite stint in the Légion étrangère.


Having used up a heaping ration of punnery in the previous listing, I’ll spare the allusion to the totally free Seesmic “shaking up” the Twitterverse. Seesmic is generally acknowledged to be one of the most powerful and successful Android Twitter apps, and it’s easy to see why. Seesmic integrates the ability to view your private conversations; see all your timelines; enable notifications of new replies; and post Tweets to any number of accounts simultaneously in one seamless and capable app. One of Seesmic’s most appreciated features is the ability to easily view how many lists are following your Tweets so you can gain perspective on how fast you’re catching up to Lady Gaga (7.5 million and counting).


When you are ready to graduate to the Ph.D. level in Android Tweeting, TweetDeck is the app which is packed with enough features to fill up your doctoral thesis. Integrating Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and Foursquare, you’ll be able to track comments, replies, likes, and reTweets, check live Geodata on everyone all around you, and even customize the light, sound, and vibration settings for each column. Their tweetdeck.com website features an awe-inspiring directory with thousands of categorized lists so you can easily follow your faves all the way from Astronauts at NASA to Zagat’s NYC Food Trucks.


The key to mobile lifestyle is to keep you connected no matter where you go, and Meebo is the perfect app to serve as your electronic umbilical cord while you’re footloose. Combining competent Twitter features with “always on” multiple IM protocols for MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, MySpace IM, and ICQ, Meebo even allows you to save a collective log of all your chats and access them online. Meebo’s Smart Buddylist shuffles your recent conversations into a new group at the top of the listing so that you’re always up to the second on what your cousin in Queensland is having for breakfast.


Although opting for the Pro version for $3.99 (180 INR) will kill the bothersome ads, the free version of Twidroyd is essentially just as capable and as well integrated as its pay sibling: Native bit.ly URL shortening; Twitlonger for those Tweets exceeding the 140 character limit, Plixi for embedding photos, and LivePreview which is opened automatically as soon as you turn your device into landscape mode. Both versions allow you access to the new Twidroyd Factory where you can grab themes which you can customize and share.

There are many cool android apps that would fit into a Top 10 such as Tweetcaster, Twicca, and Twitter’s own app, but these five are the crème de la crème!

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  • Matthew Denos

    Hi Hal,

    I am with you on TweetDeck. Great tool. I will have to check the other tools out because the seem very good, too.

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